Fun with friends..

I seem to have been meeting lots of dogs lately..

That was me and Bella, Meg and Tessa – we met them on a couple of days (at least we think that’s what their names were, mummy’s not got a very good memory for names). The black labrador is only a puppy and is a month younger than me, so we had fun running around together.

Playing Chase!

Playing Chase!

Here are some more photos of doggies I’ve met in the last week or so.



And this is a really hunky young chap that I met at the Milldown. His name is Brynn – he let me chase him round and round in circles.. but I couldn’t catch him. His legs are loads longer than mine!

Brynn and me at the Milldown
Brynn and me at the Milldown

 I also met a fun puppy called Monty, he was a cream labrador – we had a run around together too after we got let off our leads as we were getting all tangled up saying hello. Mummy didn’t get a picture of him though, but we might see him again another day.

Another Barney

I’m not sure what this chaps name was, but there are a lot of Barneys around so maybe he was another Barney like this one.

My other mate Barney the chocolate labrador will have been back from his holidays for a while now, but we haven’t bumped into him and his mum. I can’t wait to see him again.. I’m hoping he’s going to come to my birthday party!! I’m 10 and a half months old now and if the weather’s nice we’re going to have a party in the garden for my first birthday and I’ll be allowed to invite some friends to come and play games!!


~ by Teagan on March 9, 2009.

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