The cows are out…

Last Thursday was a happy day for the cows – mummy and I went out for our usual morning walk and as we walked up the lane we could see the cows being let out into the field. They’ve all been in the barn over the winter and they looked really excited to be coming out and seeing grass after months of living indoors! This is a little video mummy took.. it’s kind of wobbly and it was really windy out, but we didn’t have time to run up the lane to get closer.. but if you look carefully you can see the cows running and frolicking around!

We went for our walk and on the way back we walked down the farm track past the field they were in and stopped to watch them for a while. They were still pretty frisky and running around a lot.. just like spring lambs.  After a while they spotted us watching them and started to run over to see us. They look funny when they run!

They’ve been out for a few days now and have calmed down quite a lot.. most days we  walk past them and stop to say hello, and some of them always come over and say hello back. We’ve called the big black bull “Tim” – he never comes over our way thank goodness. We like the cows but we prefer them on the other side of a gate or a sturdy fence! When they’re in the bottom field there’s just a piece of rope to keep them at one end.. mummy says it’s electrified. It doesn’t seem to work though because today we saw two cows in the wrong bit of the field, so we’re not going to walk through it when they’re in there.

Me and the Cows!

Me and the Cows!


~ by Teagan on March 16, 2009.

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