The tractors are at it again…

The big spider tractor has been out spraying fertiliser on the fields.. it’s a big spooky looking red thing with great long arms that it sticks out. Yesterday afternoon it was up doing the field where we go to pick blackberries.. it got to the edge of the field just about the same time we did and it sat at the top waiting for us to walk down the hedgerow before it started spraying. Perhaps its sprayer etiquette.. but it was kind of scary having it sitting at the top of the field watching us walk down – I had to keep turning round to check he wasn’t starting to chase us! Today it was doing the fields along by Muston Lane.. mummy puts me on my lead if we see tractors because I quite like chasing things that move.. and tractors look good fun, like chickens and bicycles!

The Long Armed Tractor

The Long Armed Tractor

We also saw a proper tractor.. he was taking chicken straw from the chicken farm to dump it in the field. You can’t see the tractor but it’s a dinky little Massey Ferguson, a little one – and very old. It doesn’t go very fast and I bet I could run and catch it!

The Chicken Straw Run

The Chicken Straw Run

It went up to the field and tipped all the straw out…


The fields are all really nice and green now and it’s great to run around with the grassy stuff under my paws. Mummy says it’s going to grow big and tall soon.. so that should be fun! Some fields have got plants growing.. vegetable things, and one field looks like it’s got peas in it.. so I expect we’ll walk by that one a lot because we like peas!

Green Square

Green Square

The field with the green squares in has been ploughed.. so it’s not got a big green patch in it any more. When they ploughed it there were lots of seagulls following the tractor. I wanted to go and chase the tractor too, but mummy wouldn’t let me.

Green Squares have gone

Green Square has gone

Well, they’re all pretty boring pictures aren’t they.. so here’s one of me and a stick I found!

Me and my stick

Me and my stick


~ by Teagan on March 17, 2009.

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