My Trip to Somerset

On Monday granny came over in the evening and stayed the night.. so I knew something was up, because she hasn’t been to stay since Christmas. Then the next morning mummy and I went out early for our walk which was even more strange. After we got home mummy started putting boxes and things in the car and then we were off.. she said we were going to visit Sal. I’ve not seen her for ages.. but this time we were going to her house and I was going to meet Truman and all the animals! We had to drop of granny first with Sal’s mum and dad.. so I met Kylie too.



This would be a good Facebook profile picture for her.. except she’s not on Facebook. I am, I’m on Dogbook and so are my friends Shelby & Maja!!

Me and Kylie with the Bat Ears!!

Me and Kylie with the Bat Ears!!

Anyway, once we’d dropped granny off we just had to go a little bit further to get to Sal’s house, where I met Truman for the first time. He’s a monster dog!!

Sal, Me and Truman

Sal, Me and Truman

I had to be on my lead when we first got there because someone else was visiting too and they had a little tiny human bean with them that they didn’t want me jumping on.


After they’d gone I was let off though and got to run around the garden with Truman.


We went out for a walk in the fields and I saw chickens, geese, some muscovy ducks and lots of sheep! I was a bit naughty because I went and rounded up the sheep.. but they didn’t seem to mind. They’re all very old and some of them didn’t want to be rounded up but I managed to get some of them running!

It was a really exciting day and by the time I got home I was really really tired so I went straight to bed.. after my tea of course.. I’ve always got enough energy to eat!


~ by Teagan on March 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Trip to Somerset”

  1. Sheepdog now eh! Looks like you had a lovely time.

  2. Hi Jane, I had lots of fun.. the sheep are all pets and very very old, like about 20, that’s really ancient, but they can still run! I’m always on a lead when we see sheep at home because they’re all young and have got baby lambs now. Teagan x

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