Sleepy Teagan.. and Denzil Dog

Aren’t mums funny things.. and dads come to think about it, he’s just as soft as mummy is but isn’t at home with me all day to waste time watching me do things.. like sleeping. Yup, she watches me sleep. How silly is that. She reckons big humans do it when they have little humans – obviously they’re not as cute as puppies but it’s probably the same kind of thing!

Granny gave me a present when we last saw her.. it’s a huge doggy and he’s absolutely lovely! This is a picture of me and him on my chair.

Giving my new friend a wash

Giving my new friend a wash

And here we are again, a bit later on having a snooze together.. I was pretty tired after a busy day out. Usually I nap after my morning walk and don’t wake up until almost tea time, but if I go out and miss my nap then I’m always really tired out.

Me and Denzil Dog

Me and Denzil Dog

And even later still mummy caught me in my favourite sleeping position.. not very ladylike but very comfortable, and Denzil makes a great cushion! She made another of those awful videos of me sleeping.. said I was rattling the chair with all my tail wagging and leg shaking, but luckily it didn’t come out very well because it was too dark.



So big thank you to Granny for my new friend – I think he’s really great and I’m going to look after him really well.


~ by Teagan on March 31, 2009.

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