Competition Time!! Special Prizes!!

Now hold your horses.. the competition is coming soon.. I just want to tell you what else I did first..

Yesterday morning we did our usual sort of walk and because the cows were in a different field we didn’t have to ‘Beware of the Bull’. The field going down to the stream (that’s the stream without any water in it.. so I’m not sure what we call it now.. a ditch?) has had lovely muck spread all over it.. all the straw that came out of the barn where the cows were living in the winter. I just love it!!

After that we went over to pick up granny from Ferndown and took her to Blandford because she’s hoping to move back there so she and mummy went to look at some flats while I sat in the car. Mummy had been going to leave me at home but it wasn’t sunny so it was okay for me to sit in the car.. which is loads more fun than staying at home on my own. On the way back to granny’s we called in at Woodlands to visit granddad. I never met him but I think I’d have like him lots and I’m sure he’d have loved me lots too!

Visiting Granddad

Visiting Granddad

We were a bit naughty because they have one of those nasty “No Dogs” signs on the gate but there was no one around so we pretended not to see it, like we did once before.. when mummy really didn’t see it. I’m ever so good and mummy would pick up after me, so I think it’s a bit rotten that they don’t let well behaved dogs on leads in..

View from Top of the Hill

View from Top of the Hill

Anyway, here it is “COMPETITION TIME” – it’s ever so easy, you just have to guess where I went for a walk. After we’d dropped granny off at home we went to see daddy at the office in Wimborne and then went back home, the ‘scenic route’ through Cowgrove and Sturminster Marshall, and stopped off  on the way by the river for a walk. I’ve been there before when I was much younger.. but because mummy doesn’t really understand this category lark and doing sensible tags you probably can’t cheat and look back.

This is the first clue picture.. I’ve just been in for a swim and am shaking the water off.. it kind of looks like I’m doing something else, but I’m definitely not! (I did that earlier on and mummy bagged it and binned it.)

I'm shaking water off!

I'm shaking water off!

And here are some ducks. There were some tall skinny white birds with long legs and some swans too.. And in the field next to the pathway there was a man driving a tractor and he was combing the grass!! That was really odd..



And if you haven’t guessed by now here’s a real easy one.. it’s a log with fishes on it. Mummy wanted to take my picture on the big log with a big beaver on it, but I wouldn’t climb up on that one!!

Me on the Fishy Log

Me on the Fishy Log

So.. if you can guess where we were leave a message to tell us!! There are lots of lovely special prizes for the winners who guess right!!


~ by Teagan on April 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Competition Time!! Special Prizes!!”

  1. I believe it is Pamphill towards White Mill – can I have my prize please?

  2. I think it’s Cowgrove. They also have a carving of an otter which I think looks more like a labrador! Right up your street Teagan!

  3. Big woofs to Sue and Jane for entering my April 1st competition. Your prizes will be winging their way to you by email. I think Jane is more right because she said Cowgrove and that’s where we walked to, along the River Stour… where there’s also the big carving of an otter.. yes I know I said Beaver.. but what do I know, I’m only a dog 😮 Teagan x

  4. I didn’t see your comment about the beaver…. now I’ve read it it’s made me laugh. It looks nothing like an otter… I had an email from someone who saw an otter while they were caught in a traffic jam on Julians Bridge going into Wimborne the other week at 8.45am. Lucky devil!

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