Whatcombe Woods on Sunday

We went back to Whatcombe Woods (or Milton Park Woods.. so mummy says, she read somewhere that they’re called that too) last Sunday to see whether the wild garlic had come out yet… but it hadn’t.. the wood anemones were still flowering and the primroses, and some bluebells were out, but not a lot. We’re going to have to keep going back until we catch it at the right time! I don’t mind because I love going to the woods because there are so many nice smells and trails to follow..

Me by the Big Tree

Me by the Big Tree

Mummy wants to try and take some pictures of me in a sea of blue.. or white.. or both probably, she just likes taking pictures of me coz I’m so beautiful!! Hey, I’m even more beautiful since I had my fur done on Friday.. I got left with a nice lady who bathed me and dried me.. and then she trimmed my nails and cut bits of my fur off.  I wasn’t too keen on the fur trimming lark.. I like my dangly bits!

Anyway, where were we.. here is one bit where all the wild garlic is going to be flowering. There’s quite a lot..some places it’s all over the pathways too.

Wild Garlic..

Wild Garlic..

There are going to be loads of bluebells too, so I may have to take a change of collars so I’m wearing the right coloured accessories for the pictures!!

This is all Bluebells

This is all Bluebells

Daddy should have picked a bigger tree to hide behind!! (oops, sorry daddy.. only joking!!) They’re really old woods and there are some old trees but the forestry people have been in and cleared out lots of trees and stuff so there’s room to run around now and you can see gaps between the trees now so it’s loads better than it was before… they were kind of spooky because it was so dark in there.

The Church

Clenston Church

You can see here where they’ve been clearing the trees out and haven’t taken away all the twiggy bits. There are lots of pheasants hiding in the twigs and stuff.. and I did some more of that flushing thing where I get them to fly up in the air!! If I do that and run back to daddy he tells me I’m a good girl.. but mummy tells me not to do it too often because the birdies are probably resting.

The big cows are back in the field at the top of the hill. Daddy says they’re Devon Reds.. they’re very handsome and some have huge horns..

Peek A Boo...

Peek A Boo...

They’re all young boy cows.. I like them because they’re always friendly..


At the end of our walk we were going down the lane back to the car when we saw my big black friend walking down the road, with his family!! As usual, I was quite eager to rush ahead..

Look Who's Coming!!

Look Who's Coming!!

We stopped to talk to him and his family – and found out that his name is Ned, so I guess he’s called Ned the Newfie.. he’s got a lovely face and is so big and black and friendly.


I’d love to play with him when I’m off the lead. Maybe one day we’ll meet him when we’re up in the woods and we can run around together!


~ by Teagan on April 11, 2009.

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