Sunday Walkies : Part 1

We had such a busy Sunday this week.. the weather was really nice, dry under paw but still a bit of dew on the grass in the morning.. when we did our walk up Bagwood Lane and up round the field with the blackberry hedge. The bluebells still aren’t out much, but there’s lots of stuff up the lane that mummy says is called Stitchwort…


It’s not good to pick these flowers because then you get thunder storms!! I bet you don’t really but that’s what some people say… that’s why it’s also called the Thunder Flower.


This is the field just past the top of Bagwood Lane.. I look really pretty in the green grass with the yellow background.


It’s so tall now that they’ve cut a path down through it along the footpath.. just as well because you can’t see me when I run down the tyre tracks!

Spot The Dog

Spot The Dog

See, I bet you can’t spot me!! I’m not allowed to go running mad in it and we don’t play hoopy either because mummy and daddy say I would squash too many plants.


This is further on down the track and me with hoopy that daddy has thrown on the pathway..

Spot The Dog 2

Spot The Dog 2

See what I mean, it’s impossible to find me isn’t it. A bit like trying to find a bright yellow hoopy thing.


~ by Teagan on April 14, 2009.

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