Sunday Walkies : Part 2

In the afternoon we went to Beaminster to visit one of mummy and daddy’s friends. We had to go in the car to get there and when we arrived we went in her house and I had fun skidding on her wooden floors. After they’d had a cup of tea and some cake… while I got nothing… we all went out for a walk. We went down the road from her house to the square and then  walked up a little road and then into a footpath. Mostly I was on a lead at first because there were lots of horses in the fields we were walking in and there were lots of people too because we walked through a deer park in the grounds of Parnham House.

The Deer Park at Parnham House

The Deer Park at Parnham House

Yes I know they’re sheep, but in the background you can see lots of deer..


We walked all the way up this really nice little track.. this is quite a wide bit but later on it got quite thin and there were some really spooky trees with all their roots showing!


This one has a really big lumpy foot resting on a big chunk of stone to stop it falling down.


When we got to the top of this path we could see right down the hill – we’d walked all the way up here!


Then we were back on normal footpaths through fields..


There were lots of sheep and lambs in the fields.. the lambs had really waggy tails just like mine!


And there were cows with their babies too.. this was a great big bull in with these cows..



After this bit we were back on a path where I could go off the lead again.. at the bottom of the hill there was  a stream where I went for a swim.


This is me leaping out onto the bank where I had a great big shake all over daddy!!


We were back at the bottom of the hill now so just had a bit further to go through a field and then we were back on the road and nearly back to our friend’s house. We walked past this huge great big tree.. a Pedunculate Oak (Tree No 27355) that’s in The Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Hunt register. (That’s a clicky link there if you want to see the tree’s details) It was very old and measures 6.92 metres round its trunk which is really big… and it had a hollow middle.

Pedunculate Oak at ST49060050

Pedunculate Oak at ST49060050

After our walk we went to the New Inn at Stoke Abbott where I had my supper and some nice bits of dried tripe and heart.. yum yum.. while the humans had ordinary food. They said it was really scrumptious and want to go back next time they go for another walk in Beaminster!


~ by Teagan on April 14, 2009.

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