Who Goes Here??

OK this is a question… on our normal walk along Muston Lane we pass this spot where there’s a track made by an animal – it comes from the hedge in a field planted with wheat

"IT" comes out of the hedge here

"IT" comes out of the hedge here

and there’s a trail of grass across the track, then the pathway through the fence and then across the field that’s just been ploughed and drilled.


it goes across the field to a bunch of trees


And right by the fence boundary there are some holes that you can just see in the photo up there, but just in case you can’t see it clearly… mummy, the poo expert, took a photo to help you to ID said critter that’s making these grassy trails!!

Who poo's in a hole like this?

Who poo's in a hole like this?

Now that was delightful wasn’t it.. even I don’t pay any attention to this sort of poo.. I prefer the nice horse or cow poo, well, that’s if there’s no bunny chocolate drops to be had. Mummy seems to have a strange fascination with my poo… she says you can tell just what I’ve been eating by what colour and consistency she is. Just be glad she’s not kept a photographic record of all my productions!!

So, if you know who poo’s in a hole like this and would make the grassy trails across the ploughed field.. do please leave a comment!!


~ by Teagan on April 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Who Goes Here??”

  1. Mr Badger! by the way Teagan, badger poo is actually quite nice smelling (at least I think so) Not sure whether it’s tasty but you never know. If you get the chance the best poo by far is otter poo, it smells like cut grass and jasmine! Really it does! Jane x

  2. Wow.. thanks Jane, you’re quicker than Google!! We must have soooo many badgers round here, because there are lots of holes like that one! We haven’t seen the grass trail before though. No wonder I don’t like their poo, if it smells nice. I don’t think I’d like otter poo if it smells like cut grass and jasmine – yuck!! I’ll stick to cowpats and horse poo… and a bit of fox if I’m really lucky! Mummy will have a sniff next time we see some… Teagan x

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