Milly’s Visit

Milly came to visit a couple of weeks ago but Mummy didn’t take any pictures, well, not any that came out properly so when she came round this week I made sure she took some nice ones!


We’re just like little mad dervishes when we’re together and run around far too fast for the camera to see us! She’s ever such fun and because she’s a guest we both get to run wild in the house and be a bit naughty!!


We look like we’re fighting but we’re just playing and having fun.


She’s littler than me so I let her win most of the time..


After about an hour we’re both absolutely pooped and our little hearts are going pitter patter pitter patter so we just have to sit down and have a rest!


Perhaps one day she’ll manage to get us on video.. but I doubt it! Anyway, I like it when Milly comes to play.. her mum brings her and my mum and her mum sit and drink tea while we go bonkers!


~ by Teagan on April 16, 2009.

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