The White Lane Walk

I don’t think I’ve blogged about this walk before, but we do it occasionally.. not very often because it’s  not a proper walk, at least not until I can do really long walks… in 11 days time when I’m all grown up!! Anyway, White Lane is a funny little track that cuts across from Marsh Lane at Muston to the main road, and then you can cross the road and get to Bloxworth.


It’s quite fun because until the streams dry up in the summer it’s really wet and boggy down there.

Me in the duck pond

Me in the duck pond

There’s a duckpond too.. but at the moment the ducks have all gone somewhere else.


I had a good paddle today.. and mummy and daddy had wellies on so they had a paddle too. There are big pipes you can walk over if you haven’t got your wellies on.


On the way home we walked through the fields – the green stuff is getting really really high and I can hide in it!


It’s starting to sprout big hairy wheat ears now.. we saw three today in a clump.. so I won’t be allowed to run and squish it soon. I’ll have to run up and down the tractor tracks.


And here’s me running in it…


~ by Teagan on April 18, 2009.

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