My first Crush…

Well, apart from the crush I had on Boycie.. oh, and Barney.. and Amos, and Ollie.. and Fuzzy.. oh darn.. I like all the boys, but I guess I might like Rocko a bit more than Boycie and Boycie was my bestest crush, so far…

Mummy and me went up to the Milldown for a walk last Monday so I could do some socialising but we were the only ones up there, so we just played hoopy.

Me at The Milldown

Me at The Milldown

After a while I spotted some people coming in.. and they had a dog with them. They were a long way away so I ran off to investigate..  mummy was shouting and whistling at me to come back, but I just ignored her.

It was love at first sight… Rocko was big and tall with a great long waggy tail. He’s a Doberman and I’d not met one of those before. He was walking with his mummy and daddy but I soon persuaded him to come for a run around – he could run really fast and chased me round and round. I didn’t mind him catching me… mummy tried to take a picture of us running but we were so fast she couldn’t do it very well!

I hope we see him again one day.

In the meantime, I can spend my spare time oggling Tobby who is “dogcocker” on Twitter.. he’s just sooooo gorgeous, but miles and miles away unfortunately. He has the most wonderful blond hairclick here to see pictures of him!

I'm gorgeous on Twitpic


~ by Teagan on April 21, 2009.

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