Walk to Great Coll Wood

On Saturday morning we did a great big walk.. I have to get used to doing these big walks for when I’m all grown up and can do more than my usual little walks! It started off much the same as usual but when we got to the turn in Muston Lane we kept going across the poppy field.. well, it had poppies in it last year so I guess that’s a bit misleading because it hasn’t got them this year!

And off we go..

And off we go..

We walked on past the dried up puddle..

Dried up Puddle

And then through the gates and along the bridle path which goes up to Great Coll Wood

Sniffing by the orchids

Sniffing by the orchids

It’s really pretty along the bridle path. There are lots of bluebells, primroses, celandines, red campion and even orchids.. 


We’ve just got into the woods here and there are lots of bluebells..

Bluebells bluebells bluebells..

Bluebells bluebells bluebells..

We walked for ages in the woods and went up and down the tracks.. mummy and daddy saw a big buzzard in the sky, and then some deer and then a fox strolling by… I missed the lot, and so did mummy with the camera. She’s just not quick enough.


Sometimes she’s not even quick enough to get me in the photos.. I’m just a little blur in the corner or not there at all! So we resort to posing.. daddy bribes me with biscuits so I’ll sit still! Here is a good one of me sitting on a log.. now, as if I’d think to sit on a log and look cute?? You can see the “before” picture, and lots more, on flickr (Teagan the Dog)


Great Coll Wood is really big and fun to walk through, there are loads of nice scents to follow.. but I get told off if I go to chase birds and things. I was really good and only almost chased one when we got to the end of the wood.. so I got put on my leash for the last bit.


I’m happy to just run around doing mad things.. like I do a lot of the time!


There were just so many bluebells.. and the trees are all getting their leaves now.

Looking across to Little Coll Wood

Looking across to Little Coll Wood

When we got out of the big wood we walked the long way to the little wood through Rendevous Plantation.

Walking across to the wood

Walking down to Rendevous Plantation

And here I am when we’re nearly at the little wood.

On our way home now..

On our way home now..

This is the view from the pathway..

Looking across to Gorcombe

Looking across to Gorcombe

You can see Gorcombe – that’s where you can go and do stuff like riding quad bikes.. we could see some people on quad bikes, they looked like little ants running across the field!

Path through Little Coll Wood

Path through Little Coll Wood

We walked through the wood then along the tracks which we walked along at Christmas when there was snow on the ground.. and all the way to the field where we met the snowman. He wasn’t there though, I think he’d gone on holiday or something. Perhaps he’ll be back next year.  In the next picture you can see the yellow field in the distance.. that’s where we do our “yellow” walk.

Our yellow walk in the distance

Our yellow walk in the distance

And then we were almost home again.. and ended up at the very top of Muston Lane which is where we go most days for a walk. I was quite puffed because it was almost seven and a half miles!! Normally I only do about 3 miles so my little legs were quite tired..


~ by Teagan on April 27, 2009.

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