Broken WordPress

Well I’m very sorry but mummy says my wordpress is broken for the time being.

We have tried everything to fix it – even emailing our friend, Jane, in Florida. She is having a look at it now, I hope she can find out what’s wrong because I want to show you my Birthday pictures!
It’s now Thursday 7th May and I still can’t add photos and the screen looks very peculiar and says “Done, but with errors on page.” and not a lot works.

If anyone knows what is wrong do please leave a comment and get in touch as we are about to try and move to Blogger but would really rather stay here at WordPress.

Well, it’s 23.53 Saturday night and I have deleted twitter and changed the theme to bog standard.. and the dashboard page is looking more normal, but still peculiar and has the exclamation mark in the bottom left hand corner saying “Done” even though it obviously hasn’t finished loading everything! Links to add images etc are still not working.

Does anyone know if I can export a wordpress blog to blogspot?

Yes the latest blog entry is on Sunday 10th May – everything is fine if we use the office computer, it’s just very slow because it’s a long way from home so we won’t be doing that very often!


~ by Teagan on May 2, 2009.

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