I don’t believe it..

The darned thing has started working again. Got that you WordPress bods?? I did nothing. Changed nothing. Downloaded nothing. Upgraded nothing. It just went back to normal. Just when I was getting to quite like Blogger.. my photos look so nice on there.

Decisions, decisions.. do I stay or do I go.. Has anyone missed me? I shall sleep on it..

Sleeping on it..

Sleeping on it..

Go on.. leave a comment, just a little one.. just say “hello”..


~ by Teagan on May 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “I don’t believe it..”

  1. What a lovely tummy you’ve got teagan HH xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh HH I’m all embarrassed, I’d forgotten mummy had put this photo in.. I’ve even got mud all over me and my chops are drooping 🙂

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