My First Birthday

My birthday was on the 29th April but that was a weekday so mummy & daddy said I could have a party on the Sunday. Luckily the weather was nice – I’d invited over a dozen friends, some couldn’t make it.. but there were still 14 dogs at the party! We met up at the sheep field so that everyone could get together for a bit of a run around to let off steam.. we were going to play rounders but that didn’t actually happen. The grass was kind of long and we kept losing the balls, even though we took about 21 of them with us!

Sonic Bear Shelby Maja Bella Barney Bodie..

We stayed in the field for about an hour and then everyone came back to my house for a bite to eat and some refreshments.. all us doggies had a lovely spread of different biscuits and homemade nibbles.. and the human beans had their own food and drinks. There were two cakes too.. one for us doggies and one for the humans.. the doggie one was absolutely scrumptious!

Molly Sonic Teagan Bella Prince Bodie Dusty Barney Bear

Everyone was very well behaved.. well, mostly.. little Frankie was only 4 months old so he was being a bit of a food fiend and eating everything in sight. I remember being like that when I was that age.. everyone thought he was just the cutest little thing!! This is a picture of him stealing a bit more birthday cake.

Frankie helping him self to more cake!

And here he is again looking for leftovers on the nibbles table!


But it wasn’t just him looking for a bit more food.. my friend Bodie was just as bad.. okay, and so was I!

Looking for leftovers..

This is the cake.. mum made a double size one in a jumbo size roasting tin!

The cake

Everyone had a great time and there was even a bit of romance.. I think Sonic took quite a fancy to my friend Maja!! They made a lovely couple and I don’t think Maja minded having the boys make a fuss over her!

Blaze Maja and Sonic

It was over all too soon, but all my friends that came to the party got a doggie bag to take home with them… even if  it was all a bit too much for Dusty!!

The oldies just can't take the pace!!

Anyway, there are loads of pictures so the next little photo is a link to the Party Album where there are lots of photos of all my friends..

Teagans Party

~ by Teagan on May 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “My First Birthday”

  1. Wonderful! Happy B-Day Teagan! I LOVE doggie pawties!!!

    • Thank you Barrie.. it was such fun we’re going to have to do it every year now.. and maybe some of my friends will have pawties too!

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  3. […] More Teagan’s Birthday Party Pictures, HERE. […]

  4. HAHAHAH u has many friends!!! WOW!! thanks for seeing my birday friend!! i am excited for u to get your shirt hehehe pughug

    • Hi Buddy, Thanks for visiting my blog to see my party! I could do with a whizzy mum like yours to take cool videos and stuff! Yay, I’s excited too about the postman coming soon and will be blogging about that for sure!! Tweet ya soon x CockerKiss

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