I got a crush…

I’ve been tweeting with this cute guy called HugeHound.. he also has a very handsome friend called Rubi (short for Rubius) too but HugeHound has the most lovely face and eyes…  He’s a ginormous dog, which is probably why he’s called HugeHound. Anyway, he wrote me a poem today.. and it was ever so sweet..

“A cuty lil lady called teagan,
on twiita came over so eager,
she went all blushy,
made me all mushy,
now HH just wants 2 see her”

I think he might like me a little bit…


This is HugeHound and Rubi.. Rubi is a Rhodesian Ridgeback X and HugeHound is a pedigree Irish Wolfhound… aren’t they gorgeous… especially HugeHound of course, every time I see his picture I come over all peculiar. I bet they’d be real fun to meet and go walkies with, I’ve never met anyone quite as big as him.. I thought Betjeman was big but HH is almost twice as big as him!

~ by Teagan on May 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “I got a crush…”

  1. Aww Teagan , I’m flattered “BIG BLUSH” HH XXXXX

  2. Hope you didn’t mind everyone knowing that you wrote a poem.. not nany boys do that these days..Teagan x

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