Sunshine, Dogs and Bicycles

Finally the rain’s gone away.. for now anyway.. and we’ve had lots of lovely sunshine. Late morning we went for a walk up to the Winterborne Bakery to buy some bread.. we’d already been out for a big walk first thing in the morning, so this was just a quick one and daddy was riding on his bicycle!! Mummy was walking so she could keep an eye on me.. they thought I might try and knock him off his bike.. more likely that he’d knock me over I thought.

Bicycle 1

It was really fun.. mummy had to run to keep up but when she got left behind I kept running back to check she was okay.. then I had to run back to daddy to make sure he was okay… phew… it’s tiring stuff!

Bicycle 2

When we got to the road I had to go on the lead again and when we went down the lane to the bakery daddy let me pull him.. but he reckoned that wasn’t a very good idea because I never run in a straight line.

Bicycle 4

When we got there I saw my mate Sam who was there with his dad and some friends who were staying with him.. he was with Rockwell.

Sam & Rockwell

Sam & Rockwell

Well, I’m not quite sure what to make of Rockwell, he had a really funny face and was making ever such odd snorty breathing noises and his tongue was sticking out. He looked very strong and solid but he didn’t want to jump around or play. I think I prefer Sam..


~ by Teagan on May 23, 2009.

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