Lazy Sunday morning..

We walked over 10 miles yesterday and I was pretty tired out.. so it’s just as well that mummy and daddy didn’t want to get up early this morning! We listened to the Archers and then went for a little walk in the fields across the road.. it was far too hot to go very far, but the spring barley is really tall, right up to daddy’s shoulder.. so I was ok most of the time and in the shade.

May 24 Sunday 001

We walked up the tractor tyre tracks to get up to the footpath because there were lots of nettles by the stile which lets you cross the cow field. Anyway, it’s much more fun because it’s so tall, even if I can’t run through it any more because it’s so thick. Well, I probably could, but mummy and daddy tell me not to.. it’s not good to squish down the crops which is why we can’t play hoopy in this field now.

May 24 Sunday 003

This is looking back towards the village.. it’s all lovely and bright green at the moment but mummy says it won’t be long before it all goes dry and golden.. and that’s when the monster big tractors will come out and cut it all down.

May 24 Sunday 004

Here I am on the ‘footpath’.. it’s one of the funny ones that go diagonally across a field which makes it really hard to follow when it’s just been ploughed or just grass, so when they’ve got crops growing they cut a pathway through so we know where to walk. It grows up quickly so they have to cut it more than once. I prefer walking through the oilseed rape fields – I just love munching on the stalks, they’re really tasty and I can eat a whole one! I even had one at home once but I shredded it on the kitchen floor so now I have to just eat them in the fields.

Needs cutting again..

Needs cutting again..

And here it is again when they’ve just cut it..

Freshly cut pathway..

Freshly cut pathway..

Hey, where were we.. I seem to have gone off into yellow fields when we were in fields of green this morning. Oh yes, here I am at the bottom of the field near the lane.. they’ve been making lots of big tracks in this field because there’s a huge pile of black stuff you can just see in the top left hand corner of this next picture. We won’t say what kind of special fertiliser it is, but it’ll pong when they spread it on the fields.. I bet I’m not going to be allowed anywhere near it.

Having a little rest..

Having a little rest..

We went through the cow field to get back home and daddy was brave and squished the nettles down.. mummy lifted me over the stile and daddy made sure I didn’t get stung by any nettles! They’ve cleared a little patch now so I can squeeze through the gate next time we go this way.. I’m a bit heavy to lift over gates now, especially if mummy is on her own.

Phew.. I'm a hot dog..

Phew.. I'm a hot dog..

It was very hot so as soon as I got home I collapsed in a little heap under mummy’s car… panting… and then we went into the garden and I had a quick dip in the pool.

That’s such fun.. even if I do have to be dried off afterwards. If I’ve got the paddling pool they think I won’t go in the pond with the frogs and newts.. as if I would do that..


~ by Teagan on May 24, 2009.

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