Return to the Dorsetshire Gap

We last went here on September the 13th 2008 when I was just a mere pup… so now that I’m all grown up and can walk much further we decided to go and do the walk again, but add in another bit of the walk.

We started off just like last time and walked up to the top of this huge hill! At the end of this post I’ll put a link to an album with a slideshow of more photos, so if you just want to look at pretty pictures skip through to the end and click on the little photo..

Top of the first hill!

Top of the first hill!

It was a lot easier being older and having longer legs.. I remember last time I had trouble getting over all the tufty bits of grass and I didn’t like the thistles and nettles. We took the same route that we went last time and made our way to the place where the pathways meet and there’s a blue box with the visitor’s book in.. When we came in September we were almost at the beginning of the book and this time we were almost at the end of the book – it’s a busy place but we didn’t meet anyone at all today.

Last year's entry in the book

Last year's entry in the book

It wasn’t as muddy as the last time we came so I couldn’t put a pawprint in the book this year.. but it was much nicer without the mud! All the fields were lovely and green and all the cows were enjoying themselves.

Happy Cows

Happy Cows

We stopped quite a lot just to look at the view.. not that I looked much as I’m always running around with my nose to the ground keeping a check out for nice things to sniff.. and getting excited when I know there’s a pheasant nearby. But I don’t chase them.. I’m not allowed.

Melcombe Bingham 086

A bit further along from here are some odd clumps of trees, and a ‘clump on a lump’.. and we saw a badger! Daddy saw it first, but mummy just managed to get a picture of it running off into the trees again… if you look carefully it’s sort of in the middle towards the bottom of this picture, you can see the white bit on his bottom, just left of the tree trunk.

Mr Badger!

Mr Badger!

We were walking through Lyscombe Farm

Melcombe Bingham 101

There were lots of noisy sheep and lambs in one field we walked through.. where there was an ancient mound..

Melcombe Bingham 106

On the way back down to the farm we saw a lovely little calf with its mother.

Melcombe Bingham 121

And of course there were lots of regular cows that were all incredibly friendly and came rushing over to talk to us!



It was a really lovely walk.. a bit over 4 miles in all and you can go on a walk with the pictures if you click on this next picture which will take you to some photos.

Dorsetshire Gap & Lyscombe Farm Walk

On the way back home we stopped off at The Fox at Ansty but it was really busy so we just had a drink and then went back home to The Greyhound.. I like it best there because Jan comes and tickles my tummy and gives me treats!!

Getting a tummy rub!!

Getting a tummy rub!!


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