If you go down to the woods today…

You be careful!! Never mind the bears, you have to be watching out for the dogs. On Sunday afternoon we decided to do a new walk, starting off from the top end of  Winterborne Stickland and walking up through the wheat field to the woods north of the village. It all started off just fine, this is the view looking back towards the village as we were walking up through the field

May 24 Sunday Stickland 001

 and then on into the woods, which were very pretty.

May 24 Sunday Stickland 005

It was all fine for a while and then we saw them.. caravans and landrovers..

May 24 Sunday Stickland 008

We walked on and the path went right through where the caravans were.. so we had to walk by the caravans.. mummy had put me back on my lead because she said there would be dogs.. and dogs there were.. lots of them, all woofing and being really horrible. Luckily they were mostly all chained up apart from one brown one that followed us as we walked through.. he was a bit growly but we just walked on a bit quicker until we were past them. And then there were more caravans.. and another great big monster of a dog.. oooh, my poor little legs, I was shaking all over, he was so big and had great big beady devil eyes. Check out the eyes in this next picture.. it’s a bit fuzzy because mum didn’t have time to stop and take pictures of all the dogs.. but he was like Fang,  Hagrid’s dog in Harry Potter!

Devil dog with the glowing eyes

Devil dog with the glowing eyes

Anyway, that was the last we saw of him and there were no more caravans.. All we saw were dogs.. there was washing on lines and there were cars and landrovers.. but NO people at all, not even any children.. all very strange indeed. Where were they?

May 24 Sunday Stickland 013

We had been going to do a circular walk and come back through the woods but we decided that we didn’t want to walk back through the woods so we took a different route and walked up to Durweston and then on to Blandford.

On the way to Durweston

On the way to Durweston

This bit of the walk was lovely.. a bit muddy underpaw which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Heading down to the village

Heading down to the village

May 24 Sunday Stickland 030

When we got to Durweston we had to walk on the roads for a bit until we got to the pathway which led to the back way in to Bryanston School. It was a nice walk through woods

May 24 Sunday Stickland 039

and then we got to the school buildings where we got a bit lost and walked around the back, past this new building with a lovely pond and covered island

May 24 Sunday Stickland 040

and then round the front of the main old building

May 24 Sunday Stickland 042

We wandered round the grounds trying to find the pathway and eventually found our way to the road and a path through the woods

Path alongside the River Stour

Path alongside the River Stour

which went all the way to Blandford.

May 24 Sunday Stickland 052

Now, you may be thinking that we’d started off our walk in Winterborne Stickland and here we were, some 2 1/2 hours later in Blandford.. and you’d be right, we were several miles away from the car and it was about 8.30 p.m. So, as one does, we went to one of our favourite places..

Another pub called the Greyhound

Another pub called the Greyhound

and did what one does..  drank beer of course..

May 24 Sunday Stickland 058

You can see my muddy paws in this picture!! Anyway, after we’d rested a while and quenched our thirst.. we walked up town to find a taxi to take us back to the car – so that’s another thing off my big list of “Things to Do”.. Taxi Ride.

Me in the taxi..

Me in the taxi..

We got home at about ten o’clock.. really tired out after all the walking we’d done. That’s one walk in the woods we won’t be doing again!


~ by Teagan on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “If you go down to the woods today…”

  1. How fun! And so light still at 8:30 pm!!

    • Hello Barrie, Yes it was all good fun, apart from when we had to walk past the travellers caravans and all their horrible big dogs.. the taxi ride was great too! The evenings are light until past 9 o’clock now so we can go for long evening walks. Wags, Teagan x

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