She loves me really…

I thought it was about time I let Lily have a bit of blog-space. We’ve been living together for 2 weeks short of a year.. and in precisely two weeks time we’ll be having “A Whole Year of Dog” celebrations. Not that it’ll be a big party like we had for my birthday.. probably just a quiet family do down at the pub.
As close as we get..

As close as we get..

She doesn’t hiss at me very often now, only if I stick my wet nose where it’s not wanted.. which is as often as I can get it near her.. and sometimes we even do little nose kisses. I have to be careful though, she’s got very sharp claws and I wouldn’t like to upset her.

OK.. we each eat our own..

OK.. we each eat our own..

If mum’s being really mean she makes us eat our meals together in front of the aga.. Lily’s never made a move on my food, but I’m never too sure what she’s thinking. I get the shakey bottle rattled at me if I try to steal her food.. so I only do it when no one is looking and then they just think that she ate all her food.

Lily, me and my toy kitty

Lily, me and my toy kitty

I’m being remarkably restrained here.. she’s seen how I play with my toy kitty and I’ve told her I wouldn’t pick her up and throw her around like that! All I want to do is have a bit of fun.. a game of chase, or maybe just a snuggle together on the sofa..

I'm being soooo good!

And here I am trying to get nose to nose with her.. she’ll hate me for putting this pic in because she needs her face cleaning.. she’s a real lazy cat and waits for mummy to clean her eyes for her.
How can she resist me?

How can she resist me?

I hope that one day we’ll be proper friends.. perhaps by the time winter comes.. it would be nice to have a furry snuggly friend to curl up with. I wouldn’t mind sharing my bed with her. So, watch this space.. I’ll let you know if I make any progress.


~ by Teagan on May 29, 2009.

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