Hoopy vs Fantasy Flyer

Monday was a funny day. It started off early because of the hot weather – we were up and about just after 6 o’clock when I got dragged out in the driveway to see a whole bunch of dogs going by with 3 odd looking men on bicycles! It was so funny that I couldn’t help myself woofing at them!

Anyway, mum and I went for our usual walk up the lane and past Hill Barn.. and guess who we almost bumped into… the hounds again.

The Hounds

The Hounds

I’m not sure I’d want to meet them coming along the lane, but they’re all very well behaved so I’m sure it would be okay especially as I’m a black dog. I might be worried if I was an orange dog and looked a bit like a fox!

The winter wheat is coming along nicely and they’ve cut a path through the field for us  so we can’t play hoopy there any more because I’d squash too much of it. So we’ve taken to stopping by the barn and having a game of hoopy in the big open space there. We’d just stopped playing and were on our way back up the lane when I nagged mummy to just throw it one last time.

Spot the Hoopy

Spot the Hoopy

It wasn’t a good throw. I was hoopy-less and had to make do with just running up and down the wheatfield.


I thought that would be the end of hoopy games but mum found another hoopy thing in my toybox.. a Fantasy Flyer. It’s not the same, it’s kind of heavy and takes a bit of getting used to. This is me on another walk trying to get it to cooperate.. it’s not very well behaved!

I’ve kind of got the hang of it but I can’t get it over my head like the old yellow hoopy so mum’s going to have to go to the shop and buy me another one. I hope my Twitter friend Wiggle doesn’t lose his hoopy, his mummy bought him and his friend Sir H a lovely blue one. There’s a clicky link just back there so you can go and check out his blog too.. see, it’s not just me that’s mad about a hoopy!

~ by Teagan on June 1, 2009.

One Response to “Hoopy vs Fantasy Flyer”

  1. Today is a happy day, it is Thursday 13th January 2011, and this morning I was reunited with my hoopy!! We found it just sitting on the ground by the barn next door. It’s a little faded and very tired, but it’s still my first ever hoopy. Joy!!!

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