A perfect walk!!

Mummy and I went for our evening walk up past Egerton Clump, what we call the yellow walk, and it was perfect! Recent rain had made the puddles come back!! Yay!! I love puddles and the puddles at the top of Bagwood Lane are “the” best puddles with lovely thick squelchy mud and nice deep water.

Happiness is a puddle

Happiness is a puddle

This is a big puddle, but the next one is even bigger.. and mummy has to try to find the high bits to walk in so she doesn’t get her feet too wet!

The mega puddle is back

The mega puddle is back

It’s always fun getting through this one.. I like to run up and down in it like a mad thing, though I am a bit more sensible and don’t jump up on mummy any more. Well, not very often anyway.. sometimes I just can’t resist!

The last of the yellow

The last of the yellow

This is about the last of the yellow we’re going to see this year.. once they cut this bit down again to make the footpath, it’ll all be gone, and then it’ll start turning brown as the seeds ripen.

On our way back home we always cut through the sheep field and sometimes there’s someone in there to play with – and tonight there was Blaze!!

Blaze and me..

Blaze and me..

Here are some pictures of us playing together, just click on the little photo and it will take you to an album.

Teagan & Blaze

~ by Teagan on June 8, 2009.

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