Paws In The Park

Today was the day!! I was all rested up after having an early night last night so was up bright and early when mum got up at 6.30! BOL, not often she see’s that time in the morning! We left home and got to Lulworth Castle at about ten to nine.. we were early.. so we parked the car and walked up to the Castle.

June 21 Paws in the Park 020

We found the Weldmar ladies and I finally got to meet Katie, she was ever so nice. Mummy signed us in and I donned my bandana. Mummy and daddy had to wear pink wristbands and little badges.. just in case they got lost I suppose.  We said hello to lots of the other doggies as they arrived and then we got started on the walk.

June 21 Paws in the Park 026

It was a lovely day, not too sunny and not too cloudy.. it was just right!

June 21 Paws in the Park 034

This is where we got overtaken by this handsome dog and his humans.

June 21 Paws in the Park 047

Mummy took lots of photos of us doing the walk, sort of like a virtual walk. Click on the little speech box next to the little person in the bottom left hand corner of the slidshow screen and you will see the captions for the photos.

 Paws in the Park

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This is a picture of the map we were given, one of the wristbands, the badges mummy and daddy wore, and some of the treats that were in my goody bag (I ate one while mum & dad had a cup of tea) and, best of all, my gold medal!

June 21 Paws in the Park 104

Hmm I don’t think it’s gold, but it’s very pretty. Here is a close up so you can see it better.. isn’t it wonderful?

June 21 Paws in the Park 110

I think I’ve raised about £220 so far, but there are still some people I haven’t heard from.. so I’ve got to try and get it up to a nice round number! I’m sure they’ve just forgotten to sponsor me, or maybe they didn’t think I could walk that far.. but now I’ve done it they’ll be able to see my medal! If you’d like to make a donation and sponsor me, you just have to CLICK HERE and it will take you to my webpage on the JustGiving website.

It’s ever so easy and you can even donate a little amount like a pound.. but we won’t complain if you donate a BIG amount!! One doggie has raised about £700 and I don’t think I’ll beat that, but I might get a special mention for being their first Twitter dog, because that’s how I found out about it. Somehow they found me and sent me a tweet asking if I wanted to join in!!

Anyway, it’s all for a good cause – the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust which you can read about on my JustGiving webpage – and my page will be open for a few months after today just in case you’re really slow!

Finally can I just say a really big THANK YOU to all the people who have already sponsored me, you know who you are.. and I’ll be giving you an extra big special kiss next time I see you!


~ by Teagan on June 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Paws In The Park”

  1. Yay!!! Well done Teagan!

  2. Hello Teagan. We saw your comment over at Misha’s and thought we would drop by and visit. We are an English Springer Spaniel (Tom) and two Abyssinian girl cats (Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan) who live in france.

    • Hello all, thanks for popping in, I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back again one day! Gosh, that must be nice living in France, my twitter friend Percy poodle went on holiday to France and he blogged about it in his blog, such an exciting time! Teagan x x

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