The Dog Show!!

Today there was a competition for doggies in Winterborne Zelston so Aunty Susie brought my bestest friend Shelby over to visit. We had a run around in the garden first, I showed her my paddling pool but she didn’t want to join me for a paddle. I reckon she wanted to keep her hair dry for the prettiest bitch competition!

June 27 Zelston Shelby 008

After that we went out for a short walk.. we just went up the lane and round the clump of trees because it was a bit too warm for walking very far. We stopped to say hello to the foals that have moved into the little field.

June 27 Zelston Shelby 017

There are two of them and they are really really cute..

June 27 Zelston Shelby 020

After our walk we drove up to the Botany Bay where mummy and Aunty Susie had a drink and then we walked on down into Winterborne Zelston where the action was! There were loads of dogs everywhere.

June 27 Zelston Shelby 026

I met lots of labradors, 2 dachshunds, 2 clumber spaniels, a border terrier, a labradoodle, a golden cocker spaniel, an old retriever, a very curly cocker spaniel and some other little dogs.

June 27 Zelston Shelby 033

This chap was very cute

June 27 Zelston Shelby 050

And so was this one

June 27 Zelston Shelby 054

And the pair of clumber spaniels

June 27 Zelston Shelby 073

Here is the labradoodle and another cute little dog. I’m not quite sure what he was, but he won a prize for having a cute handler! It’s a pity you can’t see the doodles tail because it was hugely floofy.. a bit like the end of the little girl’s ponytail only much much bigger!!

June 27 Zelston Shelby 041

And the oldest entrant was a very wise old lady and she won a prize for the doggy with the prettiest bow!

June 27 Zelston Shelby 064

There were 4 competitions: Waggiest Tail, Prettiest Bitch, Handsomest Dog and Obedience. Shelby and I entered the waggiest tail and prettiest bitch, but neither of us had our tails wagging at their best.. I think it was the heat.. but Shelby won 1st Prize as the prettiest girl doggy!! How cool is that.. well, not very because we were all exceedingly hot in the sunshine, but we went for a swim in the river afterwards to cool off.

June 27 Zelston Shelby 070

We watched a bit of the obedience competition but didn’t stay until the end because we went to get an icecream.

June 27 Zelston Shelby 081

This was the water we had a paddle in.

June 27 Zelston Shelby 082

Afterwards I came home and told Lily all about it, she pretended to be interested but I could tell she wasn’t really..

June 27 Zelston Shelby 089


~ by Teagan on June 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Dog Show!!”

  1. Wow, great news about Shelby! Sounds like you had a good day Teagan. Don’t worry about Lily she’s just jealous… Hey, by the way, it look slike there’s another dog in the last picture… with a hat on!

    • Shelby had been for a swim in the duck pond but still looked cute! BOL yes there is a big stuffed doggy that granny gave me.. I chewed a hole in his ear but mummy lets him wear her hat so it doesn’t show! xxxx

  2. Shelby is very pretty and a worthy winner, but I can’t believe you didn’t win a prize. An outrage! Looks like a fab day though, especially the river after. Big licky woofs, Wiggle xx

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