Evening Trip to Kimmeridge

It was a really hot day today so daddy came home from work early, well, he was home by half past six.. and we went out in Dorothy the little green car again! I wondered where daddy was going to sit but he drove and mummy had my seat, so I sort of sat in the middle.

July 2 069

Mmmm that’s my tongue in that picture, what on earth did she put that photo on here for.. very funny indeed. I sat in the middle at the back for some of the journey and then I moved to the front and sat on Mummy’s knee. A much better photo of me here.. you can see my lovely wet nose!

July 2 114

Before I knew it we were there..

July 2 126

Anyway, here is another of those little slideshows made of lots of photos so you can see our car journey and what we did when we got to the beach!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


 Kimmeridge is a lovely place to visit, there are lots of nice walks along the cliffs and the beach is great fun. The tower you can see on the hill is Clavell Tower and they moved it last year because it was near the edge of the cliff and was falling down.. so now it’s been rebuilt further away from the cliff edge and people can stay in it! That must be really exciting. These should be clicky pictures so you can make them bigger and read the words if you want to.

July 2 127July 2 128July 2 129

A lot of this area is used by the MOD, like they do at  Tyneham.. where they close some of the little roads sometimes. This sign is at one end of the beach.. they weren’t actually firing guns or anything, but they do sometimes do it during the daytime because we can hear the big bangs from our house!

July 2 164

I almost forgot, on the top of the hill at Kimmeridge is the nodding donkey. It was pretty misty today but you can see it in the middle of the picture, the donkey’s head is up at the moment – he’s been there since 1959 and pumps about 100 barrels a day!! This link tells you a bit more about the geology of Kimmeridge Bay if you are interested to learn about the rocks and fossils!

July 2 195

On our way home we stopped off in Wareham and sat on the quay watching the ducks. These swans were hissing at me, I don’t think they like me much!

July 2 209


~ by Teagan on July 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “Evening Trip to Kimmeridge”

  1. WHAT A CAR!!! I had a car JUST like this Teagan, same color and all when I was a wee lad. Your such a lucky dog, girl. Not every dog gets to ride in a car like this, with the top down too. My Lucy is a Honda Del Sol and she was 15 years old on March the 7th. She is such a good old girl, but not as old or pretty as your Dorothy. I love that flying tongue shot! You look just great sporting around with your daddy and mum in sweet Dorothy. This is a shot worth framing! Your lookin great girl, just don’t brag to much to your buddies about it because they are already green with envy. All the best to ya girl, and keep that tongue and tail flying!

    • They’re lovely little cars aren’t they. Daddy bought her in 1980 and has had her ever since. Mum used to drive her to and from work every day but she’s now retired and only comes out in the summer when the weather is nice (that’s Dorothy and not my mum)! It’s great having the wind in your hair. Your Lucy sounds nice, mum looked up a pic.. could fit more friends in one of those! Teagan x x

  2. Teagan, being driven around in style suits you! You look rather fab. Big woofs, Wiggle xx

    • Hi Wiggle, There’s room for two if we only take one human so you could come for a ride with me!! I think I need a long flowing bandana maybe? x Teagan x

  3. Hai Teagan! Momma thoughts seeings a car in da pictures wif da steering wheel on da other side was neats, hehehe she silly momma!

    You looks likes you hads a wonderfur time, nice to has air blows through da furs huh!

    I is addings you to my blog under dogs who blog! *nosetap*

    • Mummy told me you’s all drive on the wrong side of the road over the pond.. BOL… Thanks fur visiting my blog, do come back another time. Even my sis Lily cat gets mentioned a bit so is not all dog blog! Big schnuzzles to you BP xxxx

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