The combines are out!!

Such a lot has been happening while daddy has been away – the weather has been really odd, sunny and then grey and cloudy. We had a lot of sun though and that seemed to wake up the combines from their winter hibernation. I don’t blame them for hibernating, I love my bed too. This is me waiting at the top of the stairs at bedtime.

Hurry up mummy, I'm tired..

Hurry up mummy, I'm tired..

While daddy is away I get to sleep on his side of the bed.. which is great because I can stretch out and I rest my head on his pillow, and I still have room for my toys.

Me, my doggy & my rope chew

Me, my doggy & my rope chew

The rope chew is my new toy to try and stop me chewing off my teddies noses.. and chewing holes in duvet covers!

Anyway, mummy and I have been going for lots of walks and at long last we’ve been able to go back in the fields just across the road because they’ve started to cut the barley. This is the path we walk up to get to the field they’ve already cut..

July 19 012

Even the path they cut is growing kind of long, so when it’s been raining we get really wet walking up it, so we haven’t been walking this way very often. We only have this one field to cross and then we get to the big top field that’s been cut so we can play hoopy again!!

July 19 019

We were really brave and walked up past the big yellow combine because it was resting. I don’t think it was sound asleep, but it wasn’t growling and making noises so wasn’t going to go anywhere. See how much hoopy space we’ve got! They’ve started doing the next field along as well, but most of it is still long so we walked up across it to see how far they had got.

July 19 028

We can walk all the way across two fields where the diagonal line is.. until we get to the hedge and then we have to do a loop because the path goes up along the hedge to a stile with the main road on the other side and it’s too dangerous for us to walk along there.

July 19 038

They’re quite brave combining because there are lots of big grey clouds coming.. mum doesn’t like me running in the crops but sometimes I get the urge to run along the rows and practice my springing! I know I’m a cocker spaniel, but I’m pretty good at springing like a springer!

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By tea time it was quite cloudy and drizzly, so we went up the lane to do our usual Muston Lane walk.. and met Amos out with his mum for a toddle. She drives up the lane with him so that he can have a little walk in the field. He’s quite old and doesn’t walk too well any more but he’s a lovely old gent that’s very patient with me!
July 20 21 002
We ended up getting wet on our walk but it wasn’t too wet.. so as we hadn’t walked far today we carried on and went right to the top of the green lane… which is where all the pesky plants are with the sticky seed heads. I’m just like a little piece of velcro and get covered in them. It’s really quite distressing because mum won’t stop and pick them all off, not even if I look up at her with my pleading eyes and my best sad look.
July 20 21 012
We walked on down the lane and got quite wet because all the puddles are nice and full again, and the mud is in fine form. In one nice deep puddle I dropped my hoopy while I was busy sniffing scents, but mum saw me and made me fish it out again. I knew just where I’d dropped it so I just stick my head in and dive for it.. I breath out through my nose and make bubbles which makes mum laugh at me! Don’t know whether she thinks I should hold my breath but it’s quite fun to me to blow bubbles!!
July 20 21 016
On the way back past Hill Barn I got all hopeful that someone was going to rescue my hoopy… but it turns out they were just using the digger to move the big dung heap..  huge great piles of it. If we’d been there when they were doing it I’d have asked them if I could have got in the digger bucket and they could hve lifted me up onto the roof so I could rescue my old yellow hoopy.. you can just see it on the roof up there. It’s sad being able to see it whenever we walk by.. usually we manage to rescue hoopies, but we haven’t figured out how to get this one yet.
July 20 21 023
Daddy has been gone almost a whole week but he’s back home tomorrow night.. mummy says we’re going to meet him off his train, so that means I get to go to the railway station again! I can hardly wait!!!

~ by Teagan on July 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “The combines are out!!”

  1. Let me sees if I has this rite. You gots a new hoopy ‘coz your other hoopy is on the roof. So when you is able to rescue the hoopy from the roof, then you has TWO hoopies, no? Brilliant, Teagan, brilliant!

    • BOL kind of.. ‘cept mum bought 2 new hoopies and a ‘handbag size’ one.. so I’ll actually have four. Mum & dad aren’t very good at throwing them so they’re always getting stuck in hedges or nettles & stuff! Teagan x x PS I also have my name & address written on them now in case someone else finds them!! Finder gets a bonio BOL.
      PPS If we find the one we lost in the hedge in the sheep field I’ll have five.. ooo er.. hoopy overload methinks!

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