The Homecoming : Part 2

Daddy was due home in the evening, so mummy was being very boring and decided to do some tidying up.. putting all my toys back in the toybox and removing pawprints and mud from everywhere. And then she decided that I needed tidying too.. as I’ve not had a bath for quite a while now..

July 22 091

So into the bath I went.. mummy’s bath full of nice warm water and my special doggy shampoo.. it’s not too bad really, the worst bit is getting towelled dry because she gets a bit upset if I do too much shaking around in her precious powder pink bathroom. I’ve already made her get rid of the white bathmat and swap it for a nice sensible sort of caramel colour! After my bath I sat in the conservatory with the fan on to dry my fur.

July 22 044

But I find that a brisk rub with a towel gets me dry much quicker, so I tried to do it myself, without much success!

As soon as it was seven o’clock we started getting ready to go to the station to pick daddy up.. and we were there with about 8 minutes to spare, so we walked up to the end of the platform to make sure we had a good view of the train when it came in.

July 22Train home 007

We are on the platform at Wareham station waiting for the 19.45 train from London.. it’s coming…

July 22Train home 008

Look, you can just see its light in the distance… oh the excitement is building!!

July 22Train home 009

Here it comes.. into the station, I wonder which end daddy will be.. he would know, he’s downloaded a thingy on his iPhone which tells him exactly where all the carriages are and where to stand on the platform. I wonder if they have an application to keep track of all the things I’ve buried in the garden… Anyway, we run down the platform because we’re at the wrong end of the train and daddy was at the back of the train, but I see him waiting and he sees me and I’m just oh so happy!!!

July 22Train home 012

Ouch, the flash went off and caught my eyes and made daddy look like he’s wearing a royal blue suit.. BOL..

July 22Train home 016

I was actually pretty calm considering he’s been away for almost a week.. but I know I’m not allowed to jump up and go proper bonkers when he’s got his posh suit on. As soon as we got home he got changed and went up to the field to play some hoopy.. well, fantasy flyer actually.. it goes further! We did it for quite a while and then walked up to see the bit of the field where they’ve not yet made the markies, so there are still long piles of straw which are really nice and squishy to lie on!

July 22Train home 036

So that’s the end of a pretty perfect day!!

~ by Teagan on July 23, 2009.

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