Milton Abbas Street Fair

What a great Saturday!! We didn’t get up until after eight o’clock, so I got to sleep in with mummy and daddy.. see how cosy I am all snuggled up with daddy!!  I’m supposed to sleep on the towel but that only lasts for about 5 minutes before I sneak up the bed and get my head on the pillow.

Morning snugglies!!

Morning snugglies!!

Morning walkies was an absolute feast of wonderful puddles.. we did the Egerton Clump walk backwards so got the road bit of the walk out of the way first. After we walked up the hill through the oilseed rape field we were on Bagwood Lane.

July 24 25 021.
I like to walk in all the puddles..
July 24 25 022
It’s just so nice and refreshing feeling the cool squishy mud between my pads.
July 24 25 024
There were just so many puddles to jump in!
July 24 25 026.
No all the walk is puddly, some of it is nice and grassy…
and a bit boring really..
July 24 25 034
When I get home I jump into my new paddling pool to get cleaned up..
July 24 25 035
The water’s pretty mucky already so afterwards mum pulled the plug and emptied it. Hopefully she’ll fill it up again tomorrow.
Anyway, after my post-lunch snooze we had an outing with granny to the Milton Abbas Street Fair..
July 24 25 097
I’ve been there a few times before but I’ve never seen it so busy.. there were loads and loads of people and so many dogs to say hello to!
July 24 25 044
How about this for a handsome chap.. I met him while we were at the pub having a quick drink before we went back to the car.
July 24 25 091
Mummy took lots of pictures so here’s another of those little slideshow thingys.

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Well, that was quite an exhausting day.. it’s a good job tomorrow is Sunday and we can all have a lie in again!!


~ by Teagan on July 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “Milton Abbas Street Fair”

  1. Wow, Teagan, what great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the street fair. Lots of doggies there! When they has fairs like that in the US, they usually say “No Dogs Allowed” – such party poopers!

    • I shan’t be going to the US then, that’s no fun at all – it was perfect for doggies, lots of food stalls and people had dropped bits of buns & pastry.. all very naughty but nice! And a great way to meet lots of interesting dogs!

  2. I would be exhausted after all that walking! No wonder you are such a bed hog dog. tee hee

    • We didn’t see any kitties while we were there, I expect they were all indoors watching from a safe distance. BOL a bed hog dog.. yep, that’s me!!

  3. ‘hopefully she’ll fill it up’! Grammar Pup. Try ‘I am hopeful she’ll fill it up’ You showed me this yourself recently, remember?

  4. When we were camping near Weymouth we saw lots of signs for Milton Abbas street fair. If I’d realised how close you were, I’d have got the human to take me there so I could meet you. Woe is me, so near but so far…….

    • We’re not that far apart so I’m sure we’ll be able to meet up sometime! It was kind of a busy weekend for us and we just managed to catch the last couple of hours of the Street Fair before it closed, which was long enough for me because I’m not used to big crowds of people and meeting so many strange dogs! It’ll be something to look forward to.. x x

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