What a Wednesday!! [Part 2]

It was raining quite a lot by the time we got back from our morning walk and I was pretty exhausted from all my digging.. but hanging on the front door handle was a plastic bag with a parcel in it. Mummy took the parcel out of the bag and I could see it was addressed to me!!! Wow, a parcel for me!!! We rushed into the garden and I couldn’t wait to open it..

What can it be??

What can it be??

It was just too exciting for words..

Wow it's a piggy and a ropey toy!!

Wow it's a piggy and a ropey toy!!

It was from my twitter friend @Emmythecat – Thank you so much Emmy!!!  Emmy is helping the GA Funny Farm to raise money so they can build a kitty fence so all the rescue kitties can run around outside safely. I had donated some of my pocket money and Emmy sent me these toys to say thank you!!  The GA Funny Farm is a wonderful place where lots of pussy cats live.  If you CLICK HERE you can go to their website see pictures of all the lovely kitties and read all about them. There’s a ChipIn button there too in case you would like to donate any money towards the fence.

Hmm piggy or rope..

Hmm piggy or rope..

I’m kind of favouring the piggy at the moment, but that’s because I’m enjoying the squeaks it makes!! I’m not sure mummy is enjoying them quite as much as I am..

Mummy.. come play with me..

Mummy.. come play with me..

And the day’s not over yet.. Part 3 is on its way…  but before you go  nip over to The Funny Farm to read about their 59 free-roaming cats who are eagerly awaiting their new fence!


~ by Teagan on July 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “What a Wednesday!! [Part 2]”

  1. I like that pig!

    • I usually munch my way through the squeaky toys but I really like the pink piggy so I’ve been carrying it very gently so he keeps his squeaky bottom!!

  2. T, you do look so beautiful in your pictures that I am blushin red and printin one out to hang on my wall

    Marley xxxxx

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