The monsters come out of hibernation…

This morning was good, it was dry and sunny and we bumped into Buzzy and his mum walking up the lane so we did our walk together!!  Buzzy is a bit slow for me.. he’s very cute but he’s a boy and likes to take his time with the sniffs and leaving his mark.. but we did have a good run around together all the same. For some reason mum didn’t take any pictures this morning, but this is one of me and Buzzy from last month.. when it was hot and the lane was puddle-free.
Me and Buzzy
Me and Buzzy

All the farmers must have been getting really excited today when the clouds started disappearing because all the combines woke up and we could hear them beep beeping in the fields. For our evening walk we went to do the Egerton Clump walk and as we got to the field gate a big yellow combine monster was driving down the road. He stopped and drove into the field to park up.

Getting ready for action..

Getting ready for action..

Mummy spoke to the driver to see if we had time to walk up through the field before they started  and he said they had to wait for the header to arrive.. that would be the important bit that gets stuck on the front end, the bit with the cutting “teeth”. So off we went for our last walk of the year through the oilseed rape. It’s about time it went because it’s all dry and looking very scruffy from being squished by the wind and rain.

See how squashed it is..

I suppose it could have been squashed by aliens practicing doing crop circles…

Surely I'm not...

Oh no, she caught me leaving a little present for the combine.. how could she, that’s just so embarrassing! Let’s move on quickly..   and this is looking back down the hill almost two months ago on the 1st May

The view on May 1st

The view on May 1st

And this is what it looks like now

Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer?

Yellow wins every time!  When we got to the top of the hill and went through the gap into the next field, we could see that they’d started cutting that field as well and there was a big green monster lurking in the corner.

You get green ones too!

You get green ones too!

We managed to capture it on film too… it was very dusty and noisy.

We watched it for a while and then headed on home.. back down Bagwood Lane which was incredibly wet and muddy.. and today it’s a double feature so here is a little video of me doing one of my favourite things. I hope you’ve got enough popcorn to last another minute or so!!


~ by Teagan on July 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “The monsters come out of hibernation…”

  1. Teagan, you do love those puddles!

  2. Love the May 1 and now pictures. Doesn’t look like the same place!

  3. You look so bootiful in your video Teagan. I send shy kisses to you

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