The Hunt is on..

It was an exciting walk this morning, I got to see the hunt and I also met Buster..

The New Guy on the Block!

The New Guy on the Block!

He’s a new brother for my friend Bodie, the bloodhound, kind of like a compact bloodhound BOL.. he came from a Basset Hound Rescue Centre and is 18 months old. Once he settles in to his new home hopefully we’ll get to know each other a bit better!

As we went up East Street we bumped into Buzzy on his way back home from his walk and his mum said that the hunt was out! At the farm there were a few big cars and horse boxes parked up so we kept a lookout as we walked up past the maize along to Muston Lane. Not a lot was happening but we did see a couple of people on horses. Half way up Muston Lane I raced off and found a man in a 4×4 to talk to.. mum put me on the lead after that because we could see horses and hear the hunt horn in the distance!

Horses & hounds

Horses & hounds

I’m afraid it really was quite windy and things happened kind of fast so mum wasn’t very good at getting the camera focused right. But you can sort of see all the hounds in the little clump in the middle of the field. The videos are pretty bad too, but I was getting kind of excited and wanted to go and play with all the hounds.

Watch for the horse without a rider..

I don’t think you can see how exciting it all was. Next time I hope it won’t be so windy and we’ll be better prepared!

He found his horse again!

He found his horse again!

After the exciting stuff people made their way back down the lane.

Going back home

Going back home

The hounds appeared to be having one final flurry..

What's that chap doing?

What's that chap doing?

I wonder if the hounds would let me go and play with them next time they’re out…


~ by Teagan on September 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Hunt is on..”

  1. Wow Teagan – where you live looks kinda like where we live! We have horses around too but no one hunts on them…they sit up in boxes in near the trees instead. Seems like it would be SO much cooler on horses though. I call them shockers cause I got shocked by one once (mom says it was their electric fence but I know better!)
    Tweet ya later!! And have fun with your new friend!

  2. Hi Teagan, great blog! Buster is gorgeous!

    Look forward to following your blog too. All the best!

    Rowan (and Arlo)

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