Rain, Rain, Come Again Tomorrow!

For the last two days it’s been warm, grey and damp.. so mum has had to get her wellies and raincoats out of the cupboard. We’ve still been going for walks but yesterday evening I spotted a dog in the field as we walked by.. so I pulled mummy over to the gate so I could take a closer look.

Dogs dogs dogs

Dogs dogs dogs

She didn’t stand a chance.. I was off… there was a sheepdog playing with a stick, I’m not sure who he was though. Bodie was there with her new brother Diddly the bassett hound and there were three other dogs I’d not met before.

Poodles have funny ears too!

Poodles have funny ears too!

They all live just down the lane from me.. there’s Barney a westie and Max and Paddy who are brothers, 4 month old standard poodles. They’re already bigger than me – they have lovely curly coats, Paddy is chocolate and Max is cream – and will be really huge when they’re all grown up!

Max liked woofing

Max liked woofing

We all had excellent fun running round chasing each other while our mums & dads walked round the edge of the field.

Just once more round the field?

Just once more round the field?

Mum took lots and lots of photos but we were all running really really fast so a lot of them were all blurry

So fast we're a blurrrrrrr

So fast we're a blurrrrrrr

We were walking that way again this evening because it was raining and we were all there at the same time again!! It must be a bit like all my friends across the pond who are always talking about going to the Dog Park!!

I like bumping into my friends..

My mate Fuzzy..

My mate Fuzzy..

I almost didn’t recognise Fuzzy, he’d been for a haircut and only had hair left on his head and ears!! He looks quite handsome with a crewcut and he feels ever so soft to stroke! Hey, and guess what, he hasn’t got a tail!! Not even a stump, he’s completely tail-less! Apparently he’s a Pembroke Corgi and it’s quite normal for them to not have tails.. well I never did! Must be very strange not to be able to wag your tail.

Anyway, the weather man says it’s going to rain tomorrow and the day after, so I hope I get to see all my friends in the field again!!


~ by Teagan on October 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Rain, Rain, Come Again Tomorrow!”

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  2. Teagan, you look just like my dog, Wrecks! He is half Flat Coat Retriever and half Collie…so we call him a Flolly!

    • I’ve seen pictures of your Wrecks… he looks very friendly! Mummy reads your blog and you often walk the same places that we walk so we might bump into each other!

  3. Just stoppin by to say Hi Tegan! Thanks for leaving comment on Petie’s article on the duckie Club blog. U know u are welcome to join pal!!

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