Over the sea and far away…

Well, okay, maybe it wasn’t quite “over the sea and far away” but we did go on a ferry just before Christmas to visit daddy’s family on the Isle of Wight. Last year we went on the small people ferry but this year we took the car with us so we could go for a nice walk before we went to the pub to meet them for lunch.

We're off!!

Leaving Lymington on the 8.45 to Yarmouth

We were on the big Wightlink ferry, one of the nice shiny new ones – here you can see the other ferry coming back to Lymington. It’s free for dogs on Wightlink and I got to sit at the front so I could see where we were going.

The Wightlink Ferry coming back from Lymington

Now they have new bigger ferries the journey takes over half an hour because they have to drive them so slowly. That means that we had plenty of time for mummy and daddy to have a cup of tea. There was a big group of Christmas Fairies on the ferry with us – I kept an eye on them but they all looked very silly indeed!

Christmas Fairies on the Ferry!!

When we got to Yarmouth we drove off in the car and parked at the bottom of Mottistone Down. It was a lovely clear frosty morning and we started off by walking up this nice track.

Off we went.. up the hill

When we got to the top we stopped to look at the view – we could see right the way across the water to Swanage!! On the far left of the picture you can see the white cliffs at Old Harry, about 20 miles away, and on the right hand side you can just see Bournemouth.

I can see for miles and miles!!

We then walked on up the hill to a viewpoint. Daddy is the little lump on to of the hill and I’m running back to fetch mummy!

Mummy hurry up, hurry up

It was lucky there was no one around because then daddy made me do the posing thing, on top of the stone thing. It seemed like I was there for ages and ages, sitting this way and that.. but I suppose it wasn’t that long really.

How long do I have to sit like this?

We then walked back along the path and into the woods where we walked quite a long way, through the trees and back across the road and right up on the heathland above the carpark where we’d left the car.

Frosty path through the woods

There were lots of bronze age barrows when we got there. I’m not quite sure what barrows are but we climbed up one – just looked like a hill to me.

Daddy and I on a "Barrow"

This sign tells you about the “barrows”.

This is clicky if you want to read it

It was about time to start heading back to the car, so we walked back down the hill past more barrows.

Such a lot of blue sky

It was a great place to race around!

This sign shows you the walk we did.. I think we went anti-clockwise and walked along some of the green line, and some bits that weren’t on the green line.

The map

I saw no dotted green line on the ground...

It was a lovely walk.. but we had to get to the pub by one o’clock so we headed on back to the car.

Yep, I had to pose again...

On our way back to the car

We met up with my Aunties and Uncles.. and my cousin Nicola, at a pub where we had lunch.. and then it was time to make our way back to Yarmouth to get back on a ferry to go home again! Such an exciting day!

We got the window seat again!

On our way back home again


~ by Teagan on December 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Over the sea and far away…”

  1. Wot a pawsome trip you had! I would luv to has gone there! Your history places is way older than ours. And you is lucky you gets to ride in the ferry. Europeans is so much more evolved with letting anipals in places like that. Totally not allowed here in the US unless you is a like a seeing eye dog.

    • Hi Shawnee, Doggies are supposed to stay in one little corner of the ferry indoors, or can go on the top deck outside.. but it was far too cold for that! I thought you were allowed in more places than us.. but maybe it’s just those jet-setting California doggies that get to go everywhere! We sure do have lots of old places… makes me want to go digging!!

  2. Enjoyed your blog. I have a friend who has a sister that lives on the Isle of Wight. Will be looking forward to more adventures from you.

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