Twas a cold and frosty morning..

Yesterday was a cold and frosty morning.. it was so chilly that I didn’t even go for a swim! Usually I swim whatever it’s like, but the usual places were frozen over and the river was just too icy looking – look at the treecicles here!!

Treecicles... brrr

There were lots more on a tree trunk across the stream.. but at least this dead tree didn’t mind (in case you can’t see them, they’re on the right hand side dangling down).

More treecicles

I wasn't swimming in this!!

The road was all covered in ice too.. but we managed to drive over it ok

Oooo er.. skiddy skiddy!

Anyway, today I’d been hoping to wake up to a white world but no such luck.. it did start snowing during the morning though, so when it was really snowing hard we went out for our walk.

We were the first footprints up here!

I found a nice bit of tree to chew on.. which completely took my mind off my usual expert tracking of furry creatures… like bunnies… if you look closely you can see that I stopped to chew and lay down right where a bunny had gone hopping along the track not long before me! Honest, I didn’t sniff a thing!!

OK so I didn't spot the rabbit's pawprints

I was more interested in chewing my stick..

There wasn’t enough snow to make a snowman but mum wrote my name in big letters for me!!

We wrote my name in the snow!!

It was pretty cold in the North East wind but we walked as quick as we could when we were going down across the fields back to the village.

We raced down the hill

And at the bottom we were the first footprints over the stile.. I decided not to have a swim in the stream today!

Over the stile we go..

Back home in the garden we had a quick game with the big foamy hoopy

Naughty hoopy

Hoopy was misbehaving again

And then we went for another quick game of hoopy in the field in the last bit of daylight..

Last game of hoopy before dark

And now its time for bed and dreams of waking up to a little bit more snow… and loads more snow as soon as daddy gets home from London!!

~ by Teagan on January 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “Twas a cold and frosty morning..”

  1. I just love you Teagan jumping around all over da place in da snow and have a great time!!

  2. Wow, even though it looks burr cold I can tell you were having a wonderful time!

    • Woof Brian!! I love the snow – I’ve been woofing for more… just a few more inches for a day or two and then it can go away again!

  3. O.O wow…beautiful.. Thank you! I’ve never seen rabbit’s pawprints in snow before. well, never seen snow for that matter…
    Love the pics and video! *woof*

  4. Hi Teagan!

    What beautiful photographs you too! And what fun you had too!
    I am so jealous of your snow to play in. I wish I could play there with you.Because it doesn’t snow where I live.

    It does snow in the mountains near here. They are called Sierra. But we didn’t go there yet. And my Best Friend says if ! go there I will disappear and never be seen again if I go in the snow in the Sierra because it is s0 deep!

    Were you scared on that boat? It looks like fun. But I think I might be afraid of that.

    Thank you for showing us all your lovely photos.

    From Sammy

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