Rizzo the big little dog!

Well, tonight mummy and daddy took me with them to visit some friends of theirs and I met their little Yorkshire Terrier called Rizzo.

Randy Rizzo

Now isn't that cute?

At first glance I wasn’t sure what to make of him, he was kind of small and puny looking with a scruffy fur-do. And there was me who had spent hours, well, okay, maybe not hours, but a goodly number of minutes, being washed and blow dried and having my hair brushed so I’d make a good impression!


Don't be fooled by the innocent smile!

I can hear you now going “ahhhh” isn’t he a little cutie. For such a tiny little thing he sure had a lot of energy and we raced round and round and round for ages.. and only one glass got knocked over.

Pizzle time

He wants my piece of pizzle..

When the humans wanted a bit of peace and quiet mum gave me a bit of pizzle… Rizzo’s mum didn’t want him to have any… but he had other ideas and I wasn’t giving up my bit of pizzle!! Luckily mum had brought a fully stocked goody bag so she gave him a piece when Aunty Pam went into the kitchen.

Rizzo with a Pizzle Stick

That kept us quiet for a while but it wasn’t long before we were running round going bonkers again. We were so fast it was difficult for mum to keep up with us on the camera but you get the idea. It was Rizzo that was making all the growly noises.

I thought Millie was a lively little dog, but this Rizzo is something else, he even managed to wear me out!!

I'm trying to ignore him...

Ignoring him didn’t work, he just rolled over and tried to entice me to play by showing off his tummy.

Come and get me..

OK, a girl can only take so much.. I tried talking to him but he wasn’t interested and started to get a bit bolshy..

Come play with me...

I know he’s young, but he really was pushing his luck a little bit too far.  So I just had to put my foot down.

Enough is enough...

But that just made him more persistant.. he started calling me names & egging me on for a fight.

Grrrrr you should be afraid, very afraid

Mum & Dad kept reminding me how annoying I was to other dogs when I was a young pup, so I was very patient with him. Besides, even I couldn’t resist his cute little face!!

I'm down here... I'm cute...


~ by Teagan on January 23, 2010.

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