Sunny Saturday Walk to Coll Wood

The weather today was lovely – crispy cold with blue sky and sunshine. Daddy was sitting in the conservatory so I jumped on his knee and asked if we could go for a walk in the woods today.. I fancied getting some mud between my pads.

Please daddy...

Kissy kissy... can we go out now??

I always get what I want, well, how can anyone resist.. so off we went, up the lane and then across the field with the big puddle in it..

The super sized puddle!!

Unfortunately mum had forgotten that all along the edge of this field are the nasty burr plants… there are hundreds of them, all covered in these nasty spikey things.

Sticky Burrs...

Not only am I a muck magnet, I’m also a burr magnet and I managed to get them all up my front legs, in my armpit, on my chest and some on my tail.. which was really horrid because then my tail got stuck to my bottom. Take it from me, if you’re hairy you don’t want to mess with the burrs. We had to stop for a de-burring operation, totally humiliating.. I want to nibble to get rid of them so dad has to hold my nose while mum picks them off.

The de-burring position..

Anyway, after de-burring I got put on the lead and dad and I walked out in the field instead of along the path.

No burrs this far out in the field

As soon as we escaped out of the burr-zone I was let off again and was back to rummaging in the hedges and long grass where the foxes, badgers, deer and pheasants had left tantalising sniffs for me to investigate. When we were in the woods we kept to the footpath because there were guns in the wood and we could hear dog whistles and shots. We passed a lady with a black lab, she was waving a flag thing around.. not quite sure why, maybe she was surrendering. A bit further on we saw a man with a proper working dog beside him, so mum put me back on the lead again in case I got the urge to go and say hello.

Hmm.. they blocked it

When we got to this point we were going to walk along the field edge but someone had blocked it with big lumps of wood and branches, so we took the hint and decided to do the longer walk. Off we went down through the gate and across the field.

Let's go this way..

This long track goes along the edge of the wood.. it’s quite a long track but eventually it comes out at the fields and more tracks


We walked down the muddy track..

This is me by an interesting thing we spotted.. a rusty gizmo that we reckoned they use to tighten up the barbed wire fencing. It probably has a technical name but being a dog I have no idea what that name is.

A fence stretcher?

Now, isn’t this a silly place to put a sign!!

Who.. me??

We were good and didn’t walk on the grass..

We could see for miles and miles..

This walk took us over two hours, so in the evening we went to the pub. Mummy and daddy had dinner and I had a piece of pizzle, a bit of cows head hide and a low-fat cows ear that  Auntie Susie gave me. It was a funny colour because it was smoked.. I must remember to tell Auntie Susie that I prefer the full fat regular cows ears. Let’s face it, cows ears are hardly fat..

Can I lick your plate pleeeaaase?

After we got home from the pub we went next door to visit Fiddick and Checkers the cats.. Checkers isn’t very friendly but I think that Fiddick and I could be really good friends!

He didn't hiss at me!

And yes, his tail really is that long!! It’s even longer than mine… This is his brother Checkers.. can’t have him thinking I don’t like him as much as Fiddick!


The end of a purrrfect day!


~ by Teagan on January 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sunny Saturday Walk to Coll Wood”

  1. Fantastic bloggy and great piccies too!


    Jazzy XXXXXX

  2. Oh my! How humiliating to be rolled over & de-burred! And it that wasn’t bad enough, to have your photo taken too! At least you used your tail to cover your modesty….. BOL!

  3. I thought the de-burring piccy and da begging for fud piccs were awesome pawsome! XXX

  4. Strange “keep of the grass” sign… could be due to nesting ground nesting birds in the spring? Love the pics. Jane x

    • Hi Jane, Daddy thinks it’s a sign to keep the off road drivers off the grass. It’s near Gorcombe and they do quadbiking and off road driving in 4-wheel drive vehicles. xx Teagan xx

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