February Fun!!

Well so far February has been pretty exciting!! On Sunday it’s February 14th and mum says that’s called Valentines Day! Id never heard of that before.. but yesterday the postman brought an envelope for me!!

Valentines Card

My very first Valentines Card!!

It’s handmade and very lovely indeed, with little hearts on it and a row of pink pearls. It’s from my twitter friend @Niqqi – she’s an adorable Bichon Frise that lives miles away in the United States! Yes, I know she’s a girl, but if we waited for all the boys to send cards we’d have to wait a long time! I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting one from my beau Kai, aka @HugeHound, or @MrKiplingwoof. Such is life. Niqqi has a lovely blog http://niqqi/wordpress.com and if you go there you can read about the great LochNess pawty we all went on, it was such fun – don’t forget to watch the video too!

What else is exciting? Snow!! We went out for our walk yesterday and got snowed on!! At first it was quite nice and sunny…

Look, no snow

Look, no snow

but then a little while later it started snowing!

Just a bit...

And then it snowed some more…

Just light snow here..

But by the time we had walked up through the trees it really started to SNOW!!

Lots of snow coming down!

It was just great!!

Our mini snow blizzard!

Unfortunately by the time we got home it had stopped snowing and it wasn’t long before it all disappeared again.

Today’s excitement? This morning mummy and I went to Bere Regis to have a training session! I was a bit worried at first, as I’ve only had one other proper lesson when I was a lot younger and that was kind of scary!! Anyway, we had a little walk first, so I could do my ‘you know what’ (mum bagged it and then hid it by a gatepost so we could pick it up on our way back to the car) and then went to meet Tracy from Corbinsbere Dog Training. The next half hour was spent doing stuff like sits and stays and recalls while we were out walking in the field, and she said I was really good! After that we went back to her house and she brought out Flynn who came with us for the second half of the lesson. Phwooof, couldn’t take my eyes off him.. he was gorgeous!

Phwoooof!!! "Flynn"

It was hard to concentrate with such a handsome boy running round with me but I think that’s the idea. He seemed totally bored with it all and wasn’t even interested when I fluttered my long black lashes at him and gazed into his beautiful brown eyes. He’s seen it all before…  Oooh, I can hardly wait until my next lesson in a fortnight. OMD I must make sure mum books me in with Hilary to have my fur done, maybe it was my fluffy legs and huge feet that put him off. Just wait, next time I’ll wear my pink collar and I won’t have hairy toes!!

Time for some zzzzz's


~ by Teagan on February 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “February Fun!!”

  1. Hi Teagan!!

    I like your card. I never got a card too!

    And I love your snow. I still haven’t played in the snow yet. I hope I can soon.

    I am so excited you have a Bichon friend. And she is in the USA. I am in California so I think I am in the US too. Montana is here too. But not London.

    Because I am Bichon Poodle. And I never met another Bichon yet. No Bichons and no bichon poodles. Except the SPCA near where I live has a Bichon Poodle who needs a new home. His name is Lucas. But I haven’t met him. I just have his photo on my website to help him find a new home.

    Where does your Bichon friend who is a girl live?

    And I have never been to training too. But I learned not to bark at every dog I pass. Almost ….

    Is it still cold at your house?

    Bye for now Teagan!

    Love from Sammy.

    • Hi there Sammy! Thanks for stopping by.. I’ve got 3 more cards now!! How cool is that!! My friend Niqqi lives in Illinois, she looks just like a teddy bear – did you see her blog? We have been on twitter adventures together.
      Yes it’s still cold here, only 1 or 2 degrees C. The snowdrops and primroses are flowering now though so hopefully spring and summer are on the way.
      Woof woof, Teagan x x

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