A walk in the Plush countryside..

I love our weekend walks when daddy comes with us. We usually go somewhere different and today we went to Plush. It was a bit of a grey cloudy day but it wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t windy so it was good for walking.

Looking back towards the village

We had a great big hill to walk up at the beginning but then we walked around the top and across some fields to a bridle path.

Big stone at the top of the hill

Daddy bought himself a new compass to use when he does his Yachtmaster exam in March so he decided to try it out.

OK so which way is north...

We walked along the top of the ridge and through this field of black sheep. They had left some really delicious treats on the grass so I had a little snack!

A whole herd of black sheep!

This is the bit we’d walked along before when we did our Melcombe Bingham walk. I worked up quite a thirst walking all this way, so when we passed a water trough I stopped to have a drink. Daddy had to hold the ice down so I could drink but then I got carried away and jumped on top of the ice which sank so I got my legs wet before I managed to jump out again. He could have told me!

OMD help I'm sinking!!!

After that embarrassing little incident I stuck to walking on dry land! I’m always on the lookout for interesting things and thought this was quite interesting… though I’m not quite sure what it was when it was alive, maybe a fox? Don’t look down if you’re squeemish, unless of course you want to squeem BOL.

I told you not to look at it!!

Don’t worry, it won’t be long until mum can get back to taking pictures of pretty flowers!

Tree eating iron

This was a lovely old gate that was completely embedded in the tree at one end. Somewhere mum saw something about trees eating iron? Was it the Ancient Tree Hunt?

Harveys Farm - clicky pic if you want to read it

There was a lovely view from up here, it was a shame it wasn’t a summer’s day, but it was still pretty.

Now, what have we here? Activity Trail? We’re going to have to look out for these in future, we haven’t seen one before!!

This is something new!!

And this is one of the things you have to find!!

We found one!

It was pretty much all down hill back to the village where we’d parked the car.

Another clicky pic

Unfortunately the pub was shut… in the winter it’s only open until 3 o’clock. Mum last went to this pub about 30 years ago, not long before it had a bad fire, mustn’t leave it quite so long to come back again as I don’t think she’d make it up those steps in another 30 years time!

The pub was closed...

I wonder if these are the same pheasants..

The Brace of Pheasants

A great walk that I would recommend to anyone.. and now, if you would like to take a quick virtual walk, here is a little slideshow so you can join us. If it whizzes along too fast, or you want a closer look, just click on a picture and it will stop and take you off to the web album where you can browse at your leisure!
Vodpod videos no longer available.


~ by Teagan on February 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “A walk in the Plush countryside..”

  1. Teagan:

    I love your walk. And I wish I could come with you. It looks so fun. And the photographs are very nice.

    What happened to you with that water and ice in the trough …. That’s what my Best Friend says will happen to me in snow. He says I’ll just go straight through the top of the snow and sink to the bottom and never be seen again.

    And I like those black sheep on your walk too. Are you scared of sheep?

    My Kind Friend said she would like to go on that walk with you too. Esepcially she would go to the pub at the end. Can you go in the pub?

    From Sammy

    PS How did those big birds get inside that glass and high up on the wall like that?

    • I wish you & your friends could come with me too!! BOL I got my feet wet but managed to leap out before I sank!! You would love snow, it’s such fun to play in.
      No I’m not scared of sheep, I’d quite like to chase them but I know I’m not allowed to do that.
      I hope Lucas finds a nice kind home like yours. I tweeted about him earlier on with a link to your blog. Do you tweet?
      Teagan x x
      BTW I have no idea how those birdies got up in that glass box!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk. I love looking at the pictues and hope you will post more.

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