Not The Black Dog Pub!!

This afternoon we went for our usual walk at Turners Puddle. It was really muddy out today so afterwards I had my swim in the ford to get cleaned up. Mummy takes towels to dry me off and my Hotter Dog fleece jumper to put on afterwards. Today daddy picked me up and carried me back to the car so I didn’t get my feet all muddy again!

Getting a lift back to the car!!

I don’t get carried if anyone else is around but today no one was there to see me being a woossy dog ‘keeping my feet clean’. When we got home mummy and daddy put clean clothes on and we got back in the car and went to the pub!!  That’s my most favourite place to go because I get to see Jiggy and Derby the black labs and Cluffy who had 7 puppies 17 weeks ago.

17 weeks ago they were this small!!

Five of the puppies have gone to live with other people, but they kept Seven and Beau so now there are 5 black dogs living at the pub.

Me & Seven.. Cluffy sitting and back of Jiggy, or is it Derby..

Hey, something weird going on there… I think it’s Derby, has a transparent tail!!  You can see that Seven is almost as big as his mum now – he weighs around 9kg. His sister Beau is a lot smaller than him though. He was puppy number 7,  so I guess he feels he has a lot of catching up to do!!

Seven trying to eat mum's whistle!

We always take goodies for them when we go, so they all had a stick of tripe and I had a big chunky piece of cows head hide.. guaranteed to keep me occupied for at least half an hour or more!!

Come back down on the ground with us..

Mum tried taking pictures down at dog level but the pups wanted to do close ups all the time!!

Me eating my chew

Seven seems to be the one who got most pictures taken of him..


This is Beau, she’s a real cute pup.. into cuddles and being picked up!! BOL I was like that, now mum and dad regret it because I’m 12.65kg and pretty hefty to pick up!!


Chunky another puppy was in the bar as well – he’s a chocolate lab and is 7 months old. He’s pretty handsome and I wish we could have been let off our leads to run around together and go bonkers!!

Resisting his advances..

He was pretty forward and wanted to do the full sniffing thing and do kisses, but I resisted.

Oh what the heck....

How long should a girl have to make a boy wait?

I reckon about 2 minutes...

So, that was my fun evening at the pub that’s not called “The Black Dog”. Now, don’t you think they should think about renaming it?


~ by Teagan on February 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Not The Black Dog Pub!!”

  1. Heehee! Next time I want to come with you! ii yippi i

  2. I enjoy reading the blog. It’s so neat that all of you can go into the pub.

    • Hello Jean, Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m glad you like joining us on our walks and looking at all the pictures. I try to write about all my different walks, but sometimes my typist is too busy and then we don’t do them. I have lots more to write about though.. I think I just need to get a bigger stick to poke the typist with, or maybe a bigger carrot! Teagan x

  3. Hi Teagan!

    Me and my Best Friend would like to come to the pub with you!
    Did they give you some water to drink?
    Do they have any dog treats there?

    From Sammy

    • Woof! I’d love it if you came to the pub with me!! They have a special doggy bowl with water. I usually take my own treats with me because I like tough long lasting ones.. but some pubs have big jars behind the bar that are full of gravy bones and other yummy things! See you again soon Sammy, woofs to your Best Friend and your Kind Friend xx

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