Caught in a Snow Storm!!

Well, it’s probably a bit of an exageration, calling it a snow storm, but it was definitely more than a rain shower!!  Anyway, to start at the beginning, on Saturday afternoon we decided to visit the secret valley again. We last went there in May when the wood was a sea of bluebells so it looked a lot different this time.. the bluebells were just starting to sprout but it was all very brown and muddy.

RIP Hippy, Mott, Jakie, Nat & Sheila

As we turned the corner by the house at the end of the track we spotted these tombstones at the edge of the wood, for Hippy June 1934 – Mar 1937 and Mott Feb 1933 – April 1937(?) and also Jakie but his dates were covered up. The little stone was for Nat 25 August 1920 – 18 August 1932 and Sheila 1931 – 1946. I wonder who they were.

We walked all the way up this farm track. I spent a lot of time sniffing as there are a lot of pheasants around here. When we got further up the valley I had to go back on my lead because there were sheep on both sides of the track.

When we got to the woods, and past all the pheasant feeders, I was let off again so could get back to checking out all the nice smells.  It was a long hill to walk up so we stopped for our regular clementine break. If I’m lucky I usually get at least 2 pieces, so when both mummy & daddy are walking I get 4 pieces! And if they take 2 clementines each then I get, ummm, even more pieces!! (come on, I’m a dog, give me a break, I don’t do maths)

Wow, check out that fur, it’s a good job I’m going to Hilary the groomer on Monday!! Anyway, once we got to the top of the hill we walked up another hill and then crossed a little road and then we were at the highest point in Dorset. It’s like being at the top of the world. Bulbarrow Hill.

Look at that weather!!

Unfortunately we were heading towards the left.. not the right of this picture, so we had all that lovely dark cloud to walk into! We had to walk along the road a short way, along past Bulbarrow Timber Products which looked very interesting indeed!! If you click that link then you can see a map of where they are/we were.

Bulbarrow Timber Products

It was still quite dry here, but it wasn’t long before it started to rain, and then it was sleety hail.

It was definitely almost snowing now

Just at the end of this fence on the right there was a building with a bench inside and a plaque on the wall.

Hill Barn Shelter. Feel free to rest here. Give a thought to our lovely son and your absent friends.

Inside there was another brass plaque – the building had been built by the friends and family of Mark Batchelor (Wizz) 1973-2007.  So young to be taken from his family and friends. If it had been earlier in the day we would have stayed until the weather had passed over, but it was getting late and we still had over an hour’s walk to do if we wanted to get back to the car in daylight.

Still time to stop & chew a stick

It was quite a “white-out” and it wasn’t long before the snow was settling on the ground.. and on me. We kept on walking.

Look at all that snow in the sky!!

We had to walk right to the end of this field and then through a gate and down a track. Not long after that it started to look familiar!

Greenhill Down - Nature Reserve

We had been here before – it was Greenhill Down Nature Reserve, looked after by Dorset Wildlife Trust. We walked on through the field and then we had to walk all the way down to the woods. It had just about stopped snowing by now!

It's all still green on the other side of the valley!

It was quite muddy in the woods but looked pretty with the snow on the ground.

We had to walk a long way downhill through the woods to get to the road.

Am I wet or am I wet..

I’d been here before as well – it was Milton Abbey School.

Milton Abbey School

We had to walk a long way along the road to get to the woods on the other side of the valley

but at least the bad weather was overtaking us and going on its merry way.

This was somewhere new!!

We’d not walked here before, through big gateposts and past gatehouses.

More Weather!! (clicky picture)

But I had been here before, back in the summer when there were auction lot signs on the gates for the standing straw. Not much further now, we just had to walk along the road a bit and then get back onto a footpath across some fields to get back down into Winterborne Houghton. These horses all came over to say hello to us.

The sun was starting to disappear by now so it was good to be able to see the village down in the valley.

Just one long walk down a green lane to get to the bottom of the hill and we were back at the car. This had been a long walk, over three hours, and we’d had snow and sunshine! It was only 2.5 degrees c when we got back to the car, so its no wonder we were all feeling a bit cold and damp!


~ by Teagan on February 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Caught in a Snow Storm!!”

  1. I enjoyed reading this story while waiting to go skiing in les arc I live at dunbury and love the area and. Know exactly where you were

    • Hello! I’m glad you enjoyed my snowy walk. It’s a lovely area and we’ve been back since then but haven’t had such a mixture of weather like we did that day. I hope you have fun skiing.

  2. Reblogged this on Teagan Times Too and commented:

    Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I’m stuck indoors with kennel cough.. and that’s a thing and not a handsome young pup. Not allowed to go on an exciting walk until I’ve stopped coughing… So I’m just remembering some of my best walks… this one was great because it snowed on us!

  3. Thank you for letting me go along on your walk. I always enjoy your walks. The school is really big. Is it a university? There were lots of horses that you passed. Happy New Year to you and your family !!!

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