Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud..

.. nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.. well, so the song goes.  I’m pretty fed up with it now though, and my blood doesn’t need cooling. I know I like mud and puddles but all this rain is getting a bit silly. I was supposed to be meeting up with my friend Peg for a walk today but she cancelled because of the rain so mum and I had to go on our own like we usually do.


This is one of the worst bits of the walk. Sometimes we walk up through the woods instead, but mum had her wellies on today so she thought she’d see just how deep and squishy it was!

Yep, it's definitely mud

I spent yesterday morning with Hilary the groomer getting washed and blow-dried, having my fur styled and my nails clipped, and now I’m expected to wade through inches of mud.

Yesterday.. a clean and sweet smelling pup!!

So  cute you probably want to pick me up and give me a big cuddle. Well, I bet you wouldn’t have said the same thing this afternoon, just look at the state of me.

Come on mum, don't fall over..

Mum wasn’t much better, she’d had a couple of big squelches and sploshed mud up over the top of her wellies. If her new muck boots weren’t properly christened before today, then they’re certainly well and truly christened now.


This is only a small part of the walk, but even walking down the track at the edge of the field has been getting muddier every day.

Mud is everywhere now

I had my usual dip in the stream to get cleaned up before I got in the car..

Me in my Hotter Dog jumper

I was very glad to get back home in the warm. After I’d dried off in front of the aga I had a snooze in my bed… and lay gazing at my collection of Valentines Cards from my boyfriends – one arrived in the post this morning from a very handsome springer spaniel who lives in California!! There’s also one from my bestest boyfriend Kai, he’s an Irish Wolfhound and ever so big and tall. Then there’s one from a Baron, one from Niqqi a really cute Bichon and the other one is from my friend Jazzy da Cat!! Aren’t I just the luckiest girl to have so many lovely friends!!

Cards from my Valentines!!

That’s about it for today so I shall just leave you with a little video of me waiting for daddy to get home.


~ by Teagan on February 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud..”

  1. That’s some very muddy mud Teagan!

    But it looks like fun. Me and my Best Friend like mud and water. But my Kind Friend doesn’t like us to get in it. Becasue we both have very curly Poodle hair.

    And especially me … because my legs are so short and my hair is so curly that then I am a real mess!

    Do you think if we had our own Wellies it would work better?

    From Sammy

  2. That would be funny, you wearing wellies! Maybe you should wait until the summer when it’s all dry and dusty then you would just need brushing! I always swim to clean up after I get grubby.

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