Gobble Gobble Gobble

Now you’re probably thinking this is about me gobbling lots of tripe for my dinner, but it’s not! It’s about a walk.. like it usually is. I still haven’t told you about our regular walk but I will one day. It’s quite long and there are lots of different bits of it, so one day you can come with me!

My regular posing spot!

Most days I have my picture taken here. This week the weather has been rather nice and we got there to find that someone had poked two bits of stick into the ground, not that I minded because they were very delicious indeed!

Mmmm nom nom nom

While I ate the smaller stick mum sat and looked at the view.

OMD where did those toes come from?

At the end of our walk we usually walk along the path to Throop so that I can have a swim in the ford and get all the mud off.  This is where we usually say hello to Rita the Kune Kune pig

Hello, I'm Rita

and the fish. He hasn’t got a name because he’s just a fish and no one owns him.

Can you spot the spotty fish?

The men from Wessex Water are putting in lots of sewage pipes and things in Throop so we keep an eye on how they’re getting on! On Friday we’d just been saying hello to Rita and walked on round the corner when we saw that the footpath had been blocked off!!

We're being diverted!

They’ve been digging some very deep holes in the road.. all very interesting, I like to look down holes!

I wonder if that concrete is dry...

When we got to the footpath there was a diversion for pedestrians.

Am I a pedestrian?

So we had to walk along the lane a little bit and then up around the farm track, which was all very exciting as I’d not been up this way before so there were lots of new sniffs to check out.

I think the post gets collected at 4.15pm

As well as the sniffs I almost got up close and personal with some very big birds indeed!! I wasn’t too sure of them so I didn’t try to get too near the fence as they were pretty scary things.

These guys were HUGE!!

If you’ve never been close to turkeys when they’re fluffing their feathers out and making their funny noises, take a look at this.

I don’t think I’ll be chasing turkeys if ever I see them out loose! We said goodbye to them and continued on the last little bit of our walk, past this interesting thing..

Mum would like this in the garden..

And when we got round the corner we could see why we couldn’t get through our usual footpath route.

But she doesn't want one of these thank you very much..

And that was that.. we just had a quick walk back down the lane and we were back in Turners Puddle at the end of another walk.


~ by Teagan on March 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “Gobble Gobble Gobble”

  1. Wuff Teagan, what a lovely walk you had. Turkeys are such regal creatures, it makes one feel so bad thinking bread sauce and such!
    I wonder whether the tall bit of spare machinery, (prospective garden ornament) is part of a steam engine? T’was a lovely weekend. Always enjoy reading your blog.

    • This is my favourite walk for ‘every day’ because there is a bit of everything!
      We saw these turkeys before Christmas so I think they might be pets – they are really huge and scared me so I bet they make good ‘guard dogs’!
      Hmm mummy thought it looked a bit like some sort of old petrol pump, or probably diesel for tractors as its on the farm land? Whatever it is she’d like it in the garden – we’ve already got quite a lot of rusty old metal wheels and stuff… not to mention old stuffed toys and bones!

  2. Hi Teagan! I hasn’t seen you around for a while or mebbe I has been missing your posts. Rita and the gobblers is adorabul! And I think you is a pawdestrian. They should fix that on the sign, no?

    • Hey Shawnee, I hasn’t seen you either. It’ll be that silly time zone thing again. I’m gonna get mum to tell the men that they need to get their sign fixed! I check on their work every day.. someones gotta make sure they don’t have too many cups of tea!!

  3. Looks like you had a really nice walk. It was nice of you to let all of us be a part of it. I always enjoy your post.
    Have a good day.

    • Hello Jean. Thanks for popping by again, I like it when people tell me that they’ve been on my walks with me! I like going for walks in other countries with my friends too, it’s fun to do when the weather is horrible! See you again soon x

  4. Wow, what an excitin walk you had this week my pal. I fink I might have barked at dem turkeys tho.

    • Hi Marley!! Dem turkeys are BIG birdies, loads bigger than little me!! And they have real big wings and make those funny noises… I didn’t think I should bark coz I might have upset them, then they might have jumped over the fence and chased me and mum up the lane!

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