Someone pinched the mud!!

The other night daddy came back from the pub (can you believe that he goes without me sometimes??) and said that he’d heard they were putting scalpings up Bagwood Lane. Scalpings? Well, mum and I thought we’d best get up there and check it out pronto. So, this afternoon we went to investigate. Mum has also heard that ‘they’ may be putting up TWO more doggy poo bins – one at the bottom of Bagwood Lane and one in East Street. At the moment we only have one up at the recreation ground

Feb 26th 2010 - my poo went in here!!

and we deposited my first poo bag in there on the 26th February 2010. I hope whoever empties the bin is going to look after it! Anyway, I was taking you up Bagwood Lane wasn’t I. We arrived and noticed that it was looking remarkably flat!

What's that up ahead?

Usually it’s a mass of mud and dog poo because everyone’s dogs seem to do their poo in the first 50 yards or so and not everyone picks up after their dog, even when it’s on a footpath.

Digging and flattening equipment!

Well, this looks like what they call “scalpings”… pink gravelly sort of stuff… needs further investigation though.

Firm underpaw, smells indifferent

I wonder how far up the lane they’ve gone?

Up as far as the horseradish fields

They aren’t horseradish fields any more, but there is some horseradish growing down the footpath. They used to be fields for allotments I think. So far so good, let’s carry on a bit further.

End of the scalpings... NO DON'T LOOK!!

OMD I thought she was taking a picture of the mud but she got me having a wee.. not exactly the most ladylike pose. Anyway, that was the end of the scalpings – up as far as the narrow bit of the green lane.

In Memory of Viv

There are some pretty purple crocus here but you can’t see them because I’m sniffing them. This is a little memorial for Viv, a lady who had an accident here on a horse.

Texture underpaw 'acceptable'

Onwards and upwards to the top of the hill.. going still good, slightly squishy, but not too bad at all. I wonder what the big puddles at the top of the hill will be like..

Walking on water!!

Can you believe it.. ice in March? This is the first puddle, just for starters – easy peasy because you can walk along by the fence. It’s the next puddle you have to watch..

Heaven... I'm in heaven....

I love going in this one, mum always shouts at me because it’s brown, sludgy and pretty smelly! Luckily it’s not as deep as it usually is so mum could just about manage to walk down the side of the hedge.

Would hate mum to slip ;o)

It would be so funny if she slipped and fell in. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be holding the camera so there would be no one to catch it on film.

Hurry up Mum..

When we got to the top of the hill we decided to walk on down to the farm to see what we could see..

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with D

And then we turned round and walked up to the clump of trees and down through the fields that I hope will all be yellow again in the summer.

Not quite the same as in the summer.

I played hoopy in the field to make it a bit more exciting. I prefer it when the oilseed rape is really tall because I can run underneath it and chew on stalks. When we got to the hedge we found lots of fresh holes in the ground.. and a lot of bunny fur

Mmmm I wonder who ate the bunny

Down by the road we spotted something that might have eaten the bunny, but he wasn’t looking too healthy.

RIP Mr Fox

It wasn’t very big so I think it was just a young pup. Mum didn’t let me go near to have a good sniff. Made a good end to a great walk though, even if it was a bit morbid!!

Just in case you want to see me wiggle when I walk… here’s a little clip of me walking up at the top of the hill.


~ by Teagan on March 9, 2010.

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