“It” came out of the fog

Or at least “it” would come out of the fog if I was Stephen King’s dog. But I’m not. So it didn’t. It was just a very foggy day so in the morning mum and I went across the road and walked up through the fields to White Lane.

Foggy Day

When we were walking along the field edge to White Lane we saw a whole lot of deer, about eight of them. They’d been happily munching on the manglewurzles but saw us coming and decided to run across the field. Can you spot the deer in this photograph?

Deer 1

When we got to White Lane it was lovely and green and will soon be a mass of celandines, well, mum thought I was looking at the flowers but really I was on the trail of a pheasant. Shortly after this I found a fresh trail and was off like a shot. Such fun, I love making the birdies fly and do that funny noise.

White Lane 1

There was plenty of water in the stream for me to have a lovely paddle.

White Lane 2

In fact there was no shortage of water anywhere – I think they should consider renaming this Watery Lane, it’s a good job mum had her wellies on, this next photo is of the footpath that’s turned into another stream!

A super squelchy bit of the walk! We finished off by walking up Muston Lane and across this field.. it was still foggy and it had started to rain quite a lot by now.

I’m looking a bit wet and bedraggled and was eager to get home and wrapped in a nice warm towel so we didn’t have our usual game of hoopy.

In the evening we just went for a quick walk up Bagwood Lane and played lots of hoopy in the horse field to make up for not playing in the morning. Then we went into the big field to see who was there. Usually there’s no one in it when we walk by but tonight I spotted a Springer so we went to investigate! He was with someone who doesn’t usually have a dog and he said they had rescued “Beau” because his previous owners had to give him up as they didn’t have enough time to spend with him after they had a baby.


We spent ages and ages running round together having fun, so I hope I meet him again soon! It was raining again by now so we went straight home again.. and just stopped to smell the flowers on the way.

Bagwood 1

Spring has Sprung, the Flowers have Riz

Okay, I admit it.. I wasn’t really smelling the flowers at all.. I was sniffing at a bit of something mum would rather I didn’t.


~ by Teagan on March 23, 2010.

7 Responses to ““It” came out of the fog”

  1. I see the deer, I see the deer! It shore is getting green over there by you. You has more spring than we does alreddy!

  2. Oh Teagan, what a fun (and muddy) walk you had today & you made a new friend, too.

    Mom is still trying to see the deer, BOL…

    • Has she found the deer yet? You need to clicky on the picture to look at it when it’s been made all big. Then she’ll probably need to put her specs on and look for the 6 litle fuzzy things in the fog!

  3. Wowo, it sue do look wet there T. You might need a lifevest

  4. We always enjoy your blog. Love the pictues.

    • Thank you Jean, I’m glad you enjoy it. Hopefully I will get to go on lots of interesting walks this summer and mum will have time to put them on my bloggy.

  5. Oh, what a beautiful place you live in!

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