I got tagged in a Photo Game

I was tagged by my furrend Shawnee in his blog “The Shenanigans of Shawnee The Shepherd for the photo game. This is how it works:

  1. Open your first photo folder
  2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
  3. Post the 10th photo and tell the story about it
  4. Pass along to 5 other blogs

Now this is where I wish, and you will too, that I had got mum to sort out all the photos and delete all the rubbish ones. But I am not going to do cheats, so here is my 10th photo in my first photo folder. You may want to do a quick drum roll and trumpet chorus to build up the excitement a bit because it needs a build up.

Wood Circles

The 10th Photo in the 1st Album

We have hundreds and hundreds of lovely photos of me and interesting things I see on my walks, but the 10th photo was this. The previous photo was equally exciting too, in fact I will post that as well..

It's a clementine

Mum always takes an apple or a clementine, or even both, out on a walk and on this particular day she managed to peel the clementine so the peel stayed in one whole piece. This was such a momentous occasion that she carefully put it in her little bag to take home.. yes, the bag that’s full of important things like the mobile phone, poo bags, dog treats and the 99 other things she deems necessary to take on a walk.

On this momentous day, said bag also contained the above pictured circles of tree!! We had been out on one of our usual walks where just recently they’ve been doing some tree culling. Totally unnecessary if you ask me, poor things were only growing. Some were little fir trees and others were young silver birch. Some gorse and rhododendrons also found their lives cut short. In this picture you can just see the men with the shredding machine in the background, and a pile of shreddings in the foreground. The big trees have been spared, it’s just the young saplings that are for the chop.

Chopping and shredding!

Here you can see a big pile of chippings and some trees that they haven’t finished chopping down. They cut them right down to the ground and then shred all the small bits.

Death to the Trees

Where there are shreddings all over the path it smells quite lovely, well, mum thinks its lovely.. all piney and fresh. I’m not so fussed about the smell but the small bits of wood are absolutely delicious and I just had to eat one or two.

Nom nom nom

In some of the piles where they’d been shredding the larger trees there were some nice round pieces which mum thought were rather nice so she collected a few. Don’t ask what for because I don’t think she knows yet, but they’re currently in a plant pot on the window sill.. a plant pot that also contains about 5 little baby fir trees that she rescued from certain death. We’ve met the men doing the dastardly deed a couple of times now.. here they are bringing the evil beastie machine home for the evening.

We watched as it drove by..

And for those of you who are into gadgets and machines, here is a better picture of the tree eating machine.

The Tree Eating machine

It’s extraordinarily shiny and clean.. I think they must take it home and wash it every time they’ve used it! Anyway, I think that’s about enough excitement for one day so as we are using the silly photos I shall finish off with one of me, of course, as there seems to be a distinct lack of me in this blogpost. If you haven’t already noticed, I like to be in every single photograph if I can!

Oh no.. not that one!! It’s a bad angle, my hair is a mess, my chops are all stuck up my teeth and I’ve got mud on my nose. Still gorgeous though!!

Now, who am I going to pass this on to…. 

Cleo aka @grouchypuppy http://grouchypuppy.typepad.com/cleos_day/

@muldercat http://muldercat.blogspot.com to spur him on as he seems to blog even less than I do, and he is wonderfully ginger

@marleyterrier http://marleyandlola.blogspot.com/ because he always has lots to say & is bound to have a good No 10 photo!!

@jazzydacat http://jazzydacat.blogspot.com though I’m a bit worried about Jazzy because her 10th photo may be x-rated & not suitable for young eyes because she’s a bit of a tarty mae.

Finally, a human, just for a change.. @wildlifestuff http://urbanextension.wordpress.com/ who is bound to have a really splendid photo with a story to tell.. and also hasn’t done a blogpost since October!! Maybe  Corfe Mullen has disappeared. But this is a really easy task so come on Jane, get blogging!!

How’s that? All done.. just need to do a tweet to tell everyone!! If there’s anyone else that would like to join in, then I’m sure no one would mind, just mention it in a comment so that we can all come and look at your post!!

~ by Teagan on March 27, 2010.

One Response to “I got tagged in a Photo Game”

  1. Nice job Teagan! I love your 10th photo. I would have never gessed that wot it woz BOL! Thanks for playing the game.

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