News for randy Rizzo’s Fan Club

Do you remember back in January I went to visit Rizzo the yorkshire terrier? No? Oh well, you’d better go have a look here and catch up a bit!! Well today we got a message from him letting us know that he’s been to extreme lengths to get out of “the” trip to the vet. Yes, “that” trip..

Dear All ,

Last Monday as you know I was due for the old emasculation op which I must confess didn’t seem fair to all the ladies who could benefit from my services. It was obvious from my recent encounters with Teagan, Sadie and Bella that they were gagging for it and Ralph was firmly in my sights. 
So in true thespian terms I decided to break a leg to avoid depriving doggy world of my gene pool.
How I managed it is a dark secret. One minute I’m outside having a pit stop before bed and the next minute I’m at mums feet screaming in pain. I have to say having watched Rooney on the telly all I really wanted was to orchestrate a sprain but obviously over cooked it!!
I was rushed to Ringwood Veterinary centre of excellence for an emergency operation carried out by 2 specialist orthopaedic surgeons to pin the double break. I don’t like to do things by half!!!!   Lots of £’s later thanks to their skill the op was successful and I’m told that in 14 weeks I’ll be as good as new.
So to all my admirers I would ask you to be patient before normal service can be resumed!!!!!******
I thought you my like my latest photos to swoon over in the meantime.
Who luvs you baby
                        Licky Licky,

Isn’t that a splendid big red bandage he’s got!!  I reckon he’s going to be getting lots of attention and sympathy over the next 14 weeks! At least he’s not as heavy as me so his mum and dad can manage to pick him up and carry him everywhere!

It won’t look quite so bad when he gets some fur growing on that baldy patch of shoulder!  I bet he’ll take more care when he goes out for his late night wee in future!

~ by Teagan on April 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “News for randy Rizzo’s Fan Club”

  1. And I wonner how the brokened leg happened? Perhaps it woz a laydee dog wot is bigger than he and Rizzo did not take no for an answer? I know I clobber the boys wot thinks I is that kind of gurl.

    • He was only out with his mum for a late night wee.. maybe he met a squirrel BOL. He is so small that most things are bigger than him, he just doesn’t realise it!

  2. Oh dear Rizzo. I phink you might have gone a bit far wiv dat trick. The op is not so bad.

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