Wordless Wednesday…

I don’t know how other people do a wordless Wednesday post..  I just can’t stop woofing for a whole day.  Anyway, our walk this morning started off with me having a paddle in the big pond.

It looks quite warm in the photo but it was actually quite windy out in the open and the water was pretty chilly too!

I was chasing seagulls that were having a swim.  After my swim we walked all the way across the next field to the farm track. This is looking back across the field. There was some interesting pee-mail near the gate.

It’s quite fun walking up the track.. it looks a bit boring but there are lots of birds and things in the hedgerows so of course I have to check everything out. I even stop to smell the primroses!

From here we can look over the hedge and see Hill Barn and the pheasant wood (on the left) and we can even see Egerton Clump right in the distance on the right about 4.5cm in along the skyline. (I really must get mum to learn how to put little pointy arrows on pictures!!)

There was something interesting in the hedge right here… I think it was a pheasant or maybe a blackbird, but I decided not to investigate.

When we got to the end of the track we had to cross between two huge fields so we usually have a game of hoopy on our way across.

From here we walked along the edge of the woods.. where I had to be on best behaviour because there were pheasants calling and I find that pretty tempting. But I was a good pup and walked beside mum… I didn’t even try to investigate this “puddle”. It’s really pongy because it had a huge pile of black manure next to it not so long ago.

We turned to walk down the path between two fields and stopped for a photo opportunity while mum peeled her clementine.

A big surprise was just round the corner – someone was walking up the track towards us!! A man with a huge rucksack on his back and a lovely border collie. We didn’t stop to talk, just said hello as we passed by, but I went back for a quick sniff and doggy hello so had to run to catch up with mum.

The big tractor with red wings was out spraying the wheat.. well, I think it’s wheat, could be barley though, it’s a bit hard to tell when it all looks just like grass.

As we were walking down the green lane we had to stop for mum to have one of her fungi moments. It sort of looked like the tree trunk was being sick.

We’ll have to keep an eye on it to see how it grows. It kind of looks like cauliflower but it doesn’t look like the cauliflower fungus pictures we found.

And just for scale here’s a picture of me beside the tree stump!

To be honest it was nice to have a sit down because I was starting to get a bit tired. But now we’re off down the home stretch so time for another quick game of hoopy!!

That field has been planted with beans, there seem to be quite a few bean fields this year – it’s not my favourite crop because it’s a bit untidy but I suppose I do get to eat fresh young beans for a while!

Home at last. It’s a shame that we can’t post scratch and sniff pictures (gosh the mind is boggling with the possibilities there) because this is Daphne who is blooming and smelling absolutely divine!


~ by Teagan on April 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday…”

  1. Just love your bloggy, Crunge Bucket! XXXX

  2. Got ma bloggy wrong! XXXXX

  3. My anipals and I just love reading your blogs. We really enjoy looking at the pictures and videos. Thanks for taking time to share with all of us.

  4. Teagan,

    You go for such lovely walks. And I really wish I could come with you. I think that would be so fun. So it is fun to see all your photos and read your blog instead. Because that’s a little bit like being there.

    It is very pretty where you live isn’t it?.

    I met a collie type of dog last weekend too. Except he is an Australian Shepherd. And he is completely blind. That makes me sad for him. But he is very nice. And I think he doesn’t mind being blind too much. Because he seems happy. And he has a very nice owner.

    That fungus on the tree looks very strange. I hope you didn’t eat it!

    But the Daphne is pretty. My Kind Friend likes the Daphne photograph because she said she has never seen Daphne before.

    Have fun on your walks this week Teagan!

    from Sammy

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